The Palestinian Islamic-‘Christian’ Alliance Is The Enemy Of Israel

| August 29, 2012

Stealing Jerusalem from the Jews

“And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” 2 Corinthians 6:16-18

Let me just say right off the bat that if you are a bible-believing Christian, this story will make you mad. Very mad. Let me also say that the so-called “christian” groups mentioned in this alliance of devils – mainly the Greek Orthodox, Anglican and Catholic churches – are not Christian churches by the bible’s definition, and in NO WAY speak for the hundreds of millions of actual bible-believing Christians across the globe. These groups are the ENEMY of Christ, the enemy of bible believers, and the absolute enemy of the state of Israel and every Jew that resides in it. The World Council of Churches is a pit of devils and they speak for no bible-believing Christian church that we know of.  These groups are christian in name only, and are rejected by actual, bible-believing Christians around the world.

Jerusalem will always be the capital city of Israel, and all those who oppose her will be destroyed according the prophets.

We stand in complete and total solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel when we declare that Jerusalem is the now-and-forever-capital of Israel, declared to be so by God Almighty, and this is a covenant that shall never be broken.

From Arutz Sheva Op-Ed: The Temple Mount, the place where Avraham came to sacrifice his son to God, the site of the first and second Jewish Temples, where the Jewish people worshiped for hundreds of years and the focal point of every practicing Jew’s prayers, is under assault from the Islamic-Christian Committee.

This relatively new Palestinian institution has been able to win the support not only of the entire regional Christian leadership, but also of leading Christian personalities from abroad.

The Islamic-Christian Commission has just warned that the Israeli authorities are working to impose “a false Jewish history” in Jerusalem, “the occupied city”, especially “on the area known to Jews as the Temple Mount”. The Commission warned of new “Judaization”. Such fabricated lies help the Palestinians to conquer a seat in theinternational agencies like Unesco and to excite the Muslims against the Jews.

The Vatican’s former archbishop in Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah, who is involved in advancing Islamic-Christian alliance, promoted an appeal to the European Union and United States to “stop the Hebraization of Jerusalem”. The new Latin Patriarch, Fouad Twal, took part in a meeting in London with Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury, in which the Vatican envoy denounced the “more than 550.000 Israelis living in East Jerusalem and the West Bank” and “the demography of Jerusalem changing rapidly with the sacred space being threatened”.

The Islamic-Christian Committee was founded by the former Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna and enjoys the participation of Catholic leaders like Claudette Habesch, Secretary General of Caritas Jerusalem for the last 25 years, which is the most important Vatican humanitarian arm in the world. Hanna called for the creation of an Islamic-Christian union that would “release Palestine from the river to the sea”.

He also supported the suicide attacks against the Israeli civilians: “The suicide bombers who carry out their activities in the name of religion are national heroes and we’re proud of them”, Hanna said.

Along with Hassan Khater, who wrote the Al Quds and Al Aqsa Encyclopedia, the Christian-Islamic Committee also enjoys the participation of Sheikh Tamimi, the most high profile Islamic judge of the Palestinian Authority, deported by Israel temporarily in 1980 after terrorists killed six Jewish students in Hevron and a self-professed anti-Semite.

“Perhaps one day the world will awake and realize that these Zionist elements are the bloodletters who hang on the peoples, sucking their blood and consuming their resources”, Tamimi has said.

This Islamic-Christian Committee was pivotal during the Second Intifada in raising the false alarm on the “holy sites” endangered by Israel. In May 2000, Yasser Arafat met Islamic and Christian clergymen, led by Tamimi and Archimandrite Hanna, at the presidential offices in Ramallah. A few weeks later, before the Camp David summit, Jerusalem’s Christian patriarchs backed Palestinian sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Among the clergymen, Diodoros I, patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, Torkom II, patriarch of the Armenian Orthodox Church and Catholic Patriarch Michel Sabbah. Officials from the Custody of the Holy Land, a Franciscan-Vatican order with special authority over Christian sites, were also present at the meeting.

PA’s President Mahmoud Abbas is now following in Arafat’s path. Speaking at theInternational Conference for Defense of Jerusalem in Doha, Qatar, Abbas recently said that “the Israeli occupation authorities are using the ugliest and most dangerous means to implement plans to erase and remove the Arab-Islamic and the Christian character of east Jerusalem”. The conference’s purpose, under the auspices of the Islamic-Christian Committee, is to combat the “Judaization of Jerusalem”.

There were many Christian figures attending the event, like Elias Awad of the Catholic Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Patriarch Gabi Hachem of the Liqa Center and Bishop Georgi Panossian, Primate of the Armenian Orthodox Church.

The United Nations also sent several high profile officials, Robert Serry, UN Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, and Filippo Grandi, Commissioner General of Unrwa.

Abbas denied Jewish history on the Temple Mount  and stated that Israel plans to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque, a lie designed to incite Muslims to rise up against Jews.

Recently, the World Council of Churches also incited against the “occupation”, “settlements” and Jewish rights in Jerusalem.

As historian Bat Ye’or explained, in a large number of documents going back to the 1970s, the Organization of the Islamic Conference recommended “cooperation with Churches in the fight against Israel”. This emerged from a conference held in Amman in 2004 as part of the Muslim-Christian dialogue. The official theme was the protection against Israel of Muslim and Christian holy places in Jerusalem. At the Amman conference, the speakers emphasized the importance of “Muslim-Christian solidarity” in the fight to seize al Quds and to drive Israel out of it.

Their proposals included the adoption of the Muslim and Christian sites in Jerusalem by mosques, churches and monasteries, and by Muslim and Christian institutions worldwide. “Promoting al Quds would be done through films, television, songs, and festivals, under the supervision of a special Muslim and Christian cell that would be working with all the appropriate means”.

23 December, 1995, is the date of the turning point for the Islamic-Christian alliance against the Jews in Jerusalem. The Greek Orthodox patriarch of the holy land, Deodorus I, handed over the custody of Churches in Jerusalem to PLO leader Arafat. This was done in the presence of the Catholic, Anglican and Greek Orthodox archbishops.

The patriarch declared: “I am the heir of Sophronius and I am handing the keys (to Christian holy sites in Jerusalem) to the heir of Omar Ibn al-Khattab”. Omar, the caliph who claimed Jerusalem from Byzantine rule in 638, gave then Patriarch Sophronius custody of Churches and a pledge to safeguard them. The move was meant to put Christian holy places under the custody of Arafat, a Muslim, and strengthening the Arab-Islamic claim to Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state.

Why did Arafat desire the mention of this 1,300-year-old story? He saw himself as conquering Jerusalem a second time in history for the Muslims.

Any reference to Omar simply means, “Jerusalem must be Judenrein”.

The final goal of this Muslim-Christian dialogue is to erase any Jewish presence in the so called “holy basin”, an alliance of the mosques and the sepulcher which will exclude the Jews from the Temple Mount.

As the early Christians had left the Temple deliberately in ruins, it’s now the turn of the Islamicized Mount to keep it that way. Will this new Islamic-Christian alliance able to convince the European Union, the UN and the US to baptize Jerusalem “Al Quds”? source – Arutz Sheva

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NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.

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  1. Marie McGaha says:

    We have always known the final battle would be over Jerusalem, according to the Bible. Anyone who claims to be Christian and does not support Israel and Jerusalem as being God’s chosen, are not Christians, they are just giving lip service as if God doesn’t know the difference.

    Judgement will come upon them and all who do not follow the only true God, and Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. We have this Chrislam church in America now, that some of the biggest preachers here have now embraced.

    It’s a sad situation but all we can do is what God tells us to, and that is to pray for the peace of Israel.

    Our God reigns and Jesus is returning soon, riding a white horse, with a sword in His hand. He’s going to set things straight. All I can say is, “Even so, come Lord Jesus.”

  2. Just as Obama is the “First Gay President”, now he will become the “First Palestinian President”, putting a curse on himself and this country. When the Islamic hordes surround Jerusalem to seize it and the entire land of Israel, they will face the Lord, at the Day of the Lord, who is the Captain of the Hosts and the Armies of Heaven. So Obama and his hordes will have to ask the question posed by Clint Eastwood in the movie Dirty Harry: “You’ve got to ask yourself, do I feel lucky today…well do ya?” For more of what is in store for Obama for being an accomplice to the hijacking of the land of Israel, I recommend the new film documentary: MAKING MERCHANDISE OF MEN’S SOULS, Part III, at Perfectplanplan website.

    Kindest regards,

    James Sundquist

  3. Jody says:

    Please add to the list of UN-Christian churches the United Church of Canada. They deny that Israel is the Chosen Land, deny that Jews are God’s Chosen People, and aren’t “sure” that Jesus is the Son of God! They believe that the “Palestinians” belong in Jerusalem. Where do people get this trash?! Truly, our Lord will sort the wheat from the chaff when He returns. Won’t they be surprised that being a “good person” isn’t enough? “Good” is whose eyes? Yours? Or mine? Or a Muslim’s? TRY READING A BIBLE!

  4. Marie, please tell me about Rick Warren, because I haven’t heard or just don’t know.
    I haven’t had television for about 2 yrs so I miss a lot of things. But I had his book, The Purpose Driven Life and never did read the whole book.

    I wholeheartedly know that Jerusalem is Gods country and will always back them, that’s Jesus’ people. Any true Christian should know that! I actually called the White House yesterday cuz I had read either on this site or a similar one that Obama was going to be giving a speech on Shari’a Law. I calked there and said that if Obama speaks anything of Shari’a Law, he is a Communist and needs to step down as President. This whole world situation makes me angry and want to do something about it.. God bless you Marie..


    • Jill, I can tell you that Rick Warren is pushing uniting Christians with Islam– called Chrislam. We are definitely living in days of deceit and corruption.

      You are absolutely right about Obama and only those who are blinded to Truth refuse to see where his allegiance lies.
      Want to see the movie that everyone is talking about Obama’s America-2016″based on his book Dreams of My Father which will probably tell me anything I don’t already know about him.
      His plan is to bring America down and our only Hope is in the Lord based on 2nd Chronicles 7:14. God’s patience may have run out on us.

  5. Marie, please tell me about Rick Warren, because I haven’t heard or just don’t know.
    I haven’t had television for about 2 yrs so I miss a lot of things. But I had his book, The Purpose Driven Life and never did read the whole book.

    I wholeheartedly know that Jerusalem is Gods country and will always back them, that’s Jesus’ people. Any true Christian should know that! I actually called the White House yesterday cuz I had read either on this site or a similar one that Obama was going to be giving a speech on Shari’a Law. I calked there and said that if Obama speaks anything of Shari’a Law, he is a Communist and needs to step down as President. This whole world situation makes me angry and want to do something about it.. God bless you Marie.. Jill

  6. Mary E. says:

    You’re right…this article did make my blood pressure shoot up! But I’m not surprised. What’s amazing to me is,it is the Palestinians who are unearthing and destroying,as fast as they can,any archaeological item belonging to Jewish history. They want to obliterate all traces of Jewish existence in the cities they have control of. This is especially true of Jerusalem,around the Dome of the Rock. It is almost sad to watch these people,doing their best to destroy the Jewish nation,when in fact ,they are only digging their own graves.

  7. Carolyn, that is scary to think God has lost His patience with us, but everything points to that I guess. We took Him out of our schools and we’re kicking Him out of everything else too and abortion is out of control. It makes me wish I was born 100 yrs ago, so I don’t have to witness what’s going to happen very soon. I guess all of us praying can’t hurt and maybe God will give the world a little more time.
    I haven’t seen that movie, but I’d like too. Isn’t there anything we Christian’s can do, along with prayers? Are we supposed to just let everything happen?
    Like you said Carolyn, they are blind to the truth so it kinda seems hopeless.
    Please say a prayer for me as I have been in my own warfare w/the enemy trying to destroy me mentally. I had a breakdown, etc. Its been pretty scary. Thanks for listening and God bless you all. I hope we get a miracle!!!!!


  8. Alan says:

    And Romney thinks that he is a leader? This is the thinking of misguided President George W Bush. Looks like despite all the promises of both parties they are devoted to leading our country into yet more curses, disaster, and calamities in their offensive behavior towards the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL. Both Romney and President Obama would have us to believe that they are followers of Christ, the greatest Rabbi of Israel!

  9. I really do not care for Obama in any way, shape or form and I’m not crazy about Romney either..I think Romney is the lesser of 2 evils..but I know they both have agendas.. selfish ones of course. Without them being believers, we’re not gonna get anything productive out of them. Their working for the enemy such as the muslims who despise us, the radical muslims that is.. God help us!!


  10. david says:

    This web site as any which stands for truth needs to acknowledge it or prove me wrong. In answer to prayer it has been given for me to know the identity of the second witness of revelation eleven. I direct readers now to his writings, two of twelve scrolls are published for some time now. See Small scrolls. Judgement is coming as the spiritual doors to the west are closing. We are to return to keeping Torah for the plan of salvation within, which is the heart of our most high God. When future President Mitt Romney signs the treaty for partition, he divides America, for Israel is America. Then the US will split in half along the New Madrid fault. The world will have 1,260 days to repant of all sin.