Biological Jihad In England Has Been Overwhelmingly Successful

England is the great "used to be" country. They used to have the world's greatest navy, and boasted that the "sun never set" on the English empire. They used to have police, bobbies, who were so respected that they had no need to actually carry a gun. England, the birth place of the glorious King James Bible, used to be a Christian nation. None of what I just mentioned is true in 2014. Islam has waged biological jihad on England, and they have prevailed. England has fallen, and she cannot get up.

Biological jihad in England has created an English Sharia state

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama

England is the great “used to be” country. They used to have the world’s greatest navy, and boasted that the “sun never set” on the English empire. They used to have police, bobbies, who were so respected that they had no need to actually carry a gun. England, the birth place of the glorious King James Bible, used to be a Christian nation. None of what I just mentioned is true in 2014. Islam has waged biological jihad on England, and they have prevailed. England has fallen, and she cannot get up.


When the Muslims declared nearly 30 years ago that “we will claim England for Islam”, people laughed, just like people laughed at Hitler in 1932. They said he looked like Charlie Chaplin, and made fun of his freaky little mustache. But no one is laughing now.

It’s called ‘biological jihad’. Jihad is the Muslim ‘holy war’ by which they deem themselves to have the right to kill any man, woman or child who dares to insult their prophet or who insults Islam in a fashion they deem unacceptable.

Biological jihad is the process by which Muslims, through birthing a child in a foreign country thus making it a citizen of that country, and, over time, they swell the ranks of Muslims. Today we present multiple proofs of the success of the campaign to create a Sharia state in jolly ol’ England.

Muhammed has been crowned Britain’s most popular boys name in figures published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) today. The name of the Muslim prophet beat Oliver as the most popular boys name chosen by parents in Britain in 2013.

As a result of the way the statistics are put together, the name does not appear to have won, as the ONS classifies each of the different spellings as a different entry on the list.

This means that “Muhammad” came in 15th with 3,499 children but “Mohammed” was 23rd with 2,887 and “Mohammad” was 57th with 1059 given the name.

As a result the top three spellings alone accounted for the names of 7,445 boys, easily beating the second most popular name Oliver which got just 6,949. Also the statistics are only published for the top 100 names, so the even more obscure spellings of Mohammed are likely to push the total even higher.

Next on the list of western democracies to conquer is the United States of America. Before you simply try to laugh it off, why don’t you click here to read about how Obama has stocked his administration with hard-left leaning Muslims. It just may shock you enough to possibly wake you up.


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  • Mountain Saint

    It’s not only England that is a “has been” today because of its godless minorities but so is the United States. The Moslems in England and the illegal aliens in America are a curse on society…Today, less than one-half of one percent of our young people have a biblical world view. Today, the children of illegal aliens are the majority in some states and they are dumbing down our education and comitting most of our crime in the cities. Today, the families of illegal aliens are the majority on welfare in some states and they are bankrupting our government with their demand for welfare and destroying our neighborhoods with their bad behavior. Today, illegal aliens and their children are stealing nearly 100% of our new low end jobs and forcing Americans into long term unemployment (102,000,000 so far)…So England has its godless Muslims and we have our stupid illegal aliens. Some prophets are now saying that it will be the illegal aliens and their children who will burn our cities and towns down to the ground (see George Washington’s Valley Forge vision).

    • STL

      Mountain Saint: The problems with muslims they think in being short sided, but not in the long term. And most of there problems is basically the same problems of any religion on this earth, is called controlment of mankind. But we are taught by God, to only depend on Him, and not listen to the wisdom of men.

      But God knows the only one is in control is Himself of us. And He teaches us, that a war will come upon us, that will solved the problem of muslims trying to control mankind, which is the Magog War. We learn that nothing on this earth ever last for a long period of time, its always changing, but since about 2001, its really becoming much worse for everyone on this planet, they believe in these mighty men, believing they will change life better for themselves and others, but we truely know that will not happen, because mankind has greed in their lives, so we need to depend on Yeshua, because He will never decieve us.

    • joe

      So why they dont sand tham from were they came from?i wish usa australia europe and Israel will do that.they have 56 cauntries and they want to acupie the rest-the hell with them!the liders of our nations have to groww some balls!

    • STL

      Brian: When is the American people going to take their heads out of their asses, and relized, we do not have that choice of things going to change for the better, after Obama and Admin. leaves office. This country that was so great, is just being brought down to its lowest levels and soon it will never again regain its strength to recover into another great nation.

      Our nation for the free, has given up on Yeshua, so why should you think, that Yeshua should consider helping the USA any more. USA has allowed themselves to become disobedient to Yeashau, and in the end each of us, has to pay for those sins against Yeshua. And now USA has given up on Israel Yeashua loving country, would you personally continue helping someone who slaps you in the face, no I do not think so!

  • The Man

    It is already too late for UK and I
    believe that UK will turn Islamic in
    swift transition once the queen dies..(a
    report published by “Rema Marketing”
    indicates that Prince Charles has already
    converted to muslim) and
    then a domino effect for other commonwealth
    In Canada the government likes to appease
    muslims….appease def–feeding the crocodile
    so he eats you last

    • STL

      The Man: Do not lose sight of God, He has a plan for the Muslims.

  • Poxuert

    They’re a weird looking bunch!


  • Poxuert

    But worse than that they will be ending up in the hell and lake of fire for eternity!

  • wesley waldrep

    This is happening in the United States whit not only Islam, but with interlopers coming across our southern border. They are using babies born to them in this country as an anchor to hold them here. Also they are using them to increase their numbers here for a political foothold and are assisted by the progressives in this country to gain them as a voter block. We must vote out of power those that are aiding and abetting this situation, since they do not listen to our voices. As for Islam they have been setting this situation up in Europe for generations, I just pray it is not too late to turn it around.

    • STL

      Wesley: Not all people from Mexico want to live in the USA, my mexican wife is educated with a Master degree and she very happy living in Mexico. Most of the people that want to come to the USA from the southern countries are the laziest ones in their own country, there looking for a hand out or a free meal without working for it.

    • The Man

      No, England is not completely lost yet, but
      she is sinking faster than a submarine
      equipped with screen doors!!!

  • Leon
  • Dianne Norcott

    The Holy Spirit taught me the verse of scripture maybe 20 years ago that is so for today…Hosea 4:6 “My people perish for lack of knowledge”.

    The Lord said, “We are just like a frog in a kettle of water!!”. We all know what happens to the frog.

    Wake up Australia and watch our borders!!!!


    It may be to late for some of Europe now.

  • You are so right. It’s called exponential growth and once it reaches a certain number it can’t be stopped. The birth rate in Australia, with a population of roughly 23 million, is under 2. It isn’t even enough to sustain the nation, while the birth rate of muslims is somewhere between 6 and 8. Wake up Australia and take a look at the Motherland!

  • Sorry, I didn’t duplicate the comment. I believe you did but it was worth duplicating anyway!

  • You are so right about the sheep and goats in the bible.How do we tell the goats that they can become sheep.Who will do that before it’s too late?

  • engineers

    Mountain Satan wrote:
    the illegal aliens in America are a curse on society


    • engineers

      Is Mountain Satan related to the Half Jew Adolf Hitler.
      Yea mountain satan, lets all gas the lower races in society.
      We need the perfect race. 🙄 you my friend are a

      glASS HOLE. 👿

  • The Man

    Mountain Saint…You definately hit a raw nerve with someone..You wrote an excellent article which tells the truth..Be cheerful and keep up the good work Mountain Saint..

    • CrissCross

      Right! But if you closely study most of the comments, you might see nobody is worrying right now…seems all are just passing their time! The time of real worrying haven’t arrived yet…and when it will arrive, no one will be in a condition to punch comments in the internet 😉

  • Sunny

    WTF??? 😯

    Boko Haram terrorists slaughter 1,000 Christians by shooting them, cooking them alive and chopping them up in pieces 👿

  • Is it really true that we can’t change anything, only God can? Well years ago He told me that while we wait on Him He is waiting on us. A man called Reece Howell, during WW11 gathered people to …PRAY. Those prayers moved God and helped change the outcome of the war. Reece Howell’s book is called ‘Intercessor’.

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