As Russia Bombs Syria, Obama Pulls US Aircraft Carrier Out of Persian Gulf

As Russian warships rain down cruise missiles as part of its military strike in Syria, there's now a glaring absence in the region: For the first time since 2007,...

As Russian warships rain down cruise missiles as part of its military strike in Syria, there’s now a glaring absence in the region: For the first time since 2007, the U.S. Navy has no aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

EDITOR’S NOTE: With each passing day, it becomes increasingly more obvious that the Muslim-raised Obama is intentionally staying out of the rapidly-changing situation in the Middle East to allow Russia to continue to dominate the scene. By ordering home the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the United States will have no aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf for the first time since 2007. Did you think that you would ever live to see the day where America would lay down powerlessly before our enemies? That day is today, welcome to Obama’s America. 

Military officials said Thursday that they’ve pulled the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which is home to about 5,000 service members and 65 combat planes. The ship officially exited the gulf around 11 p.m. ET. The “temporary measure” is also the result of mandatory budget cuts.


The USS Theodore Roosevelt — a massive, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier — has had a central role in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria since August 2014, when the U.S.-led coalition started bombing the Islamist extremists.

The lack of a U.S. presence in the gulf comes as Russia is escalating its actions in the region and began pounding targets in Syria last week with airstrikes. Russian officials say they’re trying to obliterate ISIS, although the U.S. and its allies say they’re instead hitting rebel fighters who oppose Syrian President Bashar Assad, a Russian ally.

Russia remains a wild card in the region — and the absence of an American aircraft carrier is being noticed, said Peter Daly, a retired Navy vice admiral and CEO of the U.S. Naval Institute.

The most important thing you need a carrier for is for what you don’t know is going to happen next,” Daly told NBC News.

That was especially important during the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, when the Navy often had two carriers operating in the region. The combat planes can fly into war zones and generally act as a show of force to Iran and other nations during tense standoffs.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt — a massive, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier — has had a central role in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria since August 2014, when the U.S.-led coalition started bombing the Islamist extremists.

A Navy official told Washington lawmakers in July that the lack of a carrier was imminent — and could potentially hamstring operations.

Without that carrier, there will be a detriment to our capability there,” Adm. John Richardson said during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, prior to his confirmation in the Navy’s top post. source

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  • Michael Jonah

    Frankly I am sick and tired of hearing Obama did this, Obama did that, Obama ordered that, Obama, Obama. Who is advising and pulling the strings of the puppet? I am sure he has been advised and (told) what to do. Pulling the aircraft carrier group out is wise, as we don’t need a carrier sunk or in the line of fire. We had no business being in Syria in the first place, and have done squat but help facilitate the death of hundreds of thousands and the creation of millions of refugees. Mission accomplished? Chaos and destabilization complete? This move tells me that Saudi Arabia may be next to burn and see regime change. The House of Saud’s usefulness may be up.

    • Larry / vietnamvet1971

      RAH, RAH, you sure seem to be Celebrating your presidents decisions, & YES it is OBAMA who is in charge & he is held Responsible even if you and him think other wise. RUN obama RUN with your doggies Tail under your legs.

      • Jeff

        “YES it is OBAMA who is in charge & he is held Responsible even if you and him think other wise.”

        That statement is TOTAL BS!!! Every President since JFK has gotten his marching orders from TPTB, or the “Shadow Government”, that actually controls the USA and all of its foreign policy moves. You are a fool if you think someone like Obama is making these decisions on his own (even the “final” decision on an issue) – he, and every President before him back to JFK, is doing EXACTLY what he is told to do – nothing more and nothing less.

        JFK was murdered because he tried to buck the military/industrial/congressional complex system which Eisenhower warned about in his farewell address to the American people in January of 1960. EVERY President since then has taken that incident to heart and has toed the line and done what they were told to do.

        • Larry / vietnamvet1971

          Golly, what is wrong with you, I was just stating my displeasure of that “Thing” Muslim Son of Satan in the white mosque.

          • Ron S

            It seems rather pointless to even have an aircraft carrier if you pull it out at the first possibility that the paintwork might get scratched a bit. Yes Obama has to take responsibility for this even if others are pulling the strings. Just hope that Mr “President” gets his neck caught in one of the strings some day.

        • Kosa

          What is Putin preparing for Obama you won’t believe…

    • john

      Michael, The Persian gulf is near iran and Saudi Arabia. War with iran is the only thing I can think of. The peace deal was a set up.

    • carson

      it’s easier to pick one to make a scapegoat then to point out that politico’s ‘of the flesh’ have long ruled by the flesh way’s.
      Obviously no defense of obama, but can’t ignore bush and clinton and bush again and going back in line it’d be a long list, and congress! and corporations and banks and corporate media and the peoples themselves and much more going back a long way’s.
      so yeah pick one and done is the easy route, it’s one persons fault and not the whole of the walk in the flesh.
      Either in Christ or not in Christ, people must be born again otherwise they to are of the flesh.

      We can ask ourselves, is scapegoating good? No. so articles may scapegoat but any don’t have to follow along in that.
      I can and actually do pray for obama, bush and clinton and rulers of other countries…but but their ruining the world, ‘my’ world?..In Christ I have His is this world/kingdoms mine? John 15:19 for just one and Rev 20:15 shows an end of all things not of Christ, so the ‘world’ as we know it wasn’t meant to go on and on and on and won’t, who will be saved is another matter, would that obama and any would be granted repentance and faith in Christ to be born again.

      Belonging to Christ bought with a price I see ‘the end of the world as we know it’..yet I do feel fine, because of the Lord. And the end effects me living here to, yet prophecy has already told me these things come, so preparing/applying prophesy is in order, for me it started with strings tied in emotion/heart/mind to the world, untied, tied only to Christ, no longer angry that they ruin their world which was always of the flesh since adam sinned and sin entered anyway, romans 5:12. Rev 20:15, who will be saved is an issue.

      the end of the world as it’s known and closer to the great day of the Lord!..and people have little joy..why is that? maybe strings tied to what sinks pull down as it sinks. stuff to think about.

      • Heather

        Amen carson. It’s interesting what you said about the strings being tied in emotion, heart and mind to the world. I know everything is going to be burned up. I have learned to let go. What bothers me a great deal is all the lyes and deception. It’s a bad feeling not being able to trust in these last days. Just imagine the day when thats all that there will be, is trust, faith and love among the people, through our Lord Jesus Christ. The time will come.

        • carson

          @ Heather, Hi,yes trust in the Lord, praise and worship does wonders in these times too. Having ‘real’, physically there brothers and sisters in Christ is important too, the verse do not forsake gathering together=especially as the day’s draw near is something. Many say it’s hard to find some and I agree, but true to the Word churches and watchmen/women are out there and pray and the Lord will lead together.

          Abide in Christ rejoice always draw near to Him let your joy in Christ flourish, even during the storms. Hebrews 10:34 is a real doozy..imagine such faith, strength of joy, such confidence and more, life not about this present life nor possessions but about Christ and life with Him, now and coming. The verse-we shall all be changed-..I saw that in a vision, goes with john 17..yeah one, no more ‘old man’ nature, that flesh which wishes to come down off the cross and have us walk in it, all gone, mortal having put on immortality corruptible having put on incorruptible are other verses..that great day comes! rejoice! eyes firmly fixed on Christ.

    • Ultrafart the Brave

      Good on you for speaking the bleedingly obvious truth. While the mainstream Western media circus endlessly parrots propaganda for the American Empire, Putin seems to be the only world-ranking politician with any integrity or common sense. Just what is it about 99% of Western citizens that motivates their “Team USA” mentality? Is it something as basic as neolithic tribalism hard-wired into their brains? Any honest analysis of the situation will conclude that pretty much all the current mayhem in the Middle East has been precipitated by the USA’s unilateral invasions and annexation of Iraq and Afghanistan based on a pack of lies. “Freedom & Democracy” my hairy butt! It’s all about the oil – always has been, and the protracted but failed attempts to oust Assad and annex Syria is no different.

  • amstrong

    Russia or Iran could have bullied them out. This is possible when offensive systems are used against the ship making it vulnerable and a danger to those operating it. Both Russia and Iran have electromagnetic weapons that can disable those ships.

    • 1 John 4:1

      On the topic of battle space, neither Russia nor Iran can match US Space and Naval Warfare Systems. There is plenty of public information on this topic.

      Past and current reports claim the The USS Theodore Roosevelt will take part in the Malabar’ naval exercise next week.

  • Arizona

    AMERICA is completely falling apart,THANKS to allowing voters who are easy to see, are way to stupid to be allowed to vote,a queer chicago gangster for president,AL CAPONE and JIMMY HOFFA for president,straight from chicago,WELL now they think door to door gun grabs,and KILLING the owners will cure the ILLS of this country,they can’t see ITS THE GOVERNMENT doing the killing,AND the cloned egyptian pharaoh who’s in charge of murdering the kids,HE WANTS TO BE DICTATOR AND CHIEF,the really sad news is he will,and america will stand around and watch it happen,GET READY kids,your about to be SLAVES in a fema death camp………..

  • Jewish Voice

    Just like Reagan in 1983, Obama is leaving the Near East with his tail between his legs…Our Islamic president took the Islamic Terrorists side and when everyone knew that he wasn’t serious in defeating ISIS, Putin stepped in and shoved Obama out…Thus ends Pax-America forever.

    • brian

      LMAO… YOU didn’t know that ISIS was created, armed, funded and trained by the CIA? You think the military industrial complex, fascist crony capitalists and the big banks want their creation killed? You need an education quick.

      • Jewish Voice

        Read the Ganghazi report.

  • carrierwave

    I don’t understand why people cannot see that Putin and Obama are on the same team! Obama hates Israel and is obviously using Russia and it’s allies and allowing them to control things by force in the Middle East, and eventually do Obama’s dirty work for him; that is, wipe Israel off the map! IT will be tried. The UN was started by communist, and continues to align “communists” into power to bring in a world communist dictatorship. SO, we have 2 communists world leaders and a communist pope, using one another for the same planned objective. Of course while the reflublicans in Congress say and do nothing to stop it. All CFR members, Reflublicans and Demobrats in our government are all briefed once a month in their meetings, in the role they each will play to forward the destruction of the U.S. and Israel. Obama and Putin are working for the same master–satan. I will be so glad when Jesus Christ puts down this mess, but a lot of destruction and bloodshed will come first. Pray and spread the Gospel while we still have time.

  • If BHO had done what he had promised, we would still have a little respect, but, as a Muslim, he will not kill other Muslims, even when they are butchering, enslaving, and raping Christians and Jews of all ages. As Americans, our outrage or indifference will reveal our character and value as human beings..

  • the other Mary

    Wow I can’t keep up….nor remember it all.

  • Tusitala

    Theodore Roosevelt
    “We despise and abhor the bully, the brawler, the oppressor, whether in private or public life, but we despise no less the coward and the voluptuary. No man is worth calling a man who will not fight rather than submit to infamy or see those that are dear to him suffer wrong.”

  • Tracy

    Obama isn’t showing a sign of weakness, it’s more like sneakiness. He knows exactly what he is doing, and so does Putin. It’s part of the bigger plan. We really have the Fox in the hen house now.

  • Josh

    Your article: that “…America would lay down powerlessly before our enemies?”

    I am not a Democrat, nor a fan of Obama, but for America to choose not to be involved in the middle east fiasco is about the smartest thing we’ve done over there in the last 50-years.

    The way that the USA is currently the most defenseless is through our massive debt from meddling in too many international affairs that have nothing to do with our national security.

    And your article is inexcusable for being critical of not jumping headlong into this fight too!

    We are safe when we have an economy that is powerful enough, and capable enough to encourage trade and diplomacy as our PRIMARY tasks, and then produce war machines WHEN NEEDED; but it is draining America’s life-blood to continue pay for continual war!

    • brian

      You are exactly 100% right.

    • Hmmm, let me see. America didn’t want anything to do with “Europe’s problem” in 1939, right? We “stayed out of it”, but only “it” didn’t stay out of us. History proves that you cannot run away from war because war will eventually catch up with you. If Russia is successful in gaining control of the Middle East, that changes the balance of power in the entire world.

      It may currently now be a “mess in the Middle East”, but left unchecked, it will engulf the whole world.

  • brian

    GOOD! The US should pull all it’s troops home. I am a Ron Paul supporter and the US should not have any of it’s military in any other nation but our OWN! The mess in the middle east is all the US’s fault starting with Clinton. Let the rest of the world take care of themselves.

  • Hadassah


    Did you see the interesting US news saying at least four of those Russian missiles hit Iran… and Russia saying… all of them hit their 11 targets ??

    Did you notice Russia’s cruise missile fireworks were on Putin’s Oct 7 birthday ?? Not only that… but Putin also played hockey on his birthday. His uniform is number 11 to coincide with the 11 targets.

    As Pravda said many years ago… Putin sometimes speaks symbolically.


    • Hadassah


      If the USA is right that some Russian missiles hit Iran…
      and Russia is right that all the missiles hit their targets.

      Any idea who Russia’s target may have been in Iran ??

      I have a theory.

      Last I heard Iran is playing dumb.


  • we do not back down like that person in our oval office (turned square)! OurFATHER. will do whats right with the person when HE’S thruogh wirh him.right now it seems to be a protection of our troops in HIS GRATIOUS HANDS!!!! So awsome to watch GOD OF ABRAHAM WORK OUT HIS WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Enoch

    You have no integrity and ignore endless factual stats, documentation and CONFESSIONS and a MULTITUDE of ADMISSIONS from Turkey, NATO US, Israel, EU, Saudis and others that THEY created ISIS, Qaeda, Nusra etc to take down the govts that stand in their way of the NWO.
    You refuse to acknowledge reports in ISRAELI news how their hospitals treat ISIS beheaders and crucifiers so they can return to the battle field.
    Shame on you and liars like you. You are the Masonic infiltrators and will reap the Karma you’ve sown on judgement day. God is not fooled, tho people may be.

  • Larry Grant

    Too bad Frank Marshall Davis didn’t pull out that easily. I truly hope this muslim turd gets a public execution that is as horrible as Benito Mussolini’s and I hope millions are witness’s to it. When the revolution they think they want starts there should be very clear targets of supreme importance on it and we must finish cleaning up from 50 0r 75 liberal insanity.

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  • Beano

    Just what Negroes do when they hear gunfire. They CUT and RUN!

  • carson

    in the magog war the powers that be seem on the sidelines saying-have you come to take spoil..and that’s it.

    some have thought that perhaps their to weakened ..from downfalls/economics and others ways, to help israel..but some now wonder if it isn’t more.

    Israel is also ‘the burdensome stone’ to all the nations and what if they wish for magog coalition to ‘do the dirty work’ and rid the world of that burdensome stone? so they sit on the sidelines.
    But magog coalition fails and Israel remains so that burdensome stone still pesters those of the world up until the end.

    Best to submit to Christ then instead of fight the Word of God. And whatever the world is doing, do any have to go with it anymore? When life and eternity is offered in Christ, have Christ have life and way more.


    They are all puppets, all of them. That being said, the banker puppet Barry Soetoro knows that all “carriers” are obsolete…Ex-KGB Putin the banker puppet, is just another pawn on their global chess board. All eyes on Syria & Israel. shalom

  • Grimm Reality

    There was a video of a 10 year old ISIS kid who demanded barrack “the dog of the Pope” obama’s head be cut off in the name of jihad..
    I say we let ISIS take it and leave…

  • MAYO

    Well there is bad news and there is good news!
    Bad News! Here comes the One World Government, One World Religion, One World Electronic money, One World Mark on the hand or forehead, One World Dictator who will be revealed when he guarantees Israel’s security. Seven Years of evil worse than in the time of Noah! (you have heard what happened then)
    But the GOOD NEWS!
    Jesus has promised and WILL make all things right, because going the way things will be going, no “flesh will be left” at the end of that 7 years.
    Please do not ignore HIS FREE Gift that Carson talks about. Forgiveness of your sins that HE offers you, by HIS choosing to die in your place in order that you would not be separated from GOD for all eternity.
    The choice is yours…. but don’t wait to ask him into your life…the choice does have a time limit -when you die — no more choice is given.

  • KC

    The U.S. is in a very bad way because of Obama. He has many instances of fecklessness. The Russians penetrated our airspace sixteen times around LAX sixteen times in June/ July of last year, he did nothing. They used to not over-fly Guam as we have an Air Force base there now they do. He drew a red line in the sand with Syria and they violated it twice and now response. He recently was up in Alaska and the Chinese navy sails in his face and he does nothing. Our enemies take note of these things as well as him emasculating the military and cutting it to the bone. He lit Libya on fire as well as Egypt. The enemy is in the gates. The American left put him there because as a nation we forgot God. We are in trouble.

  • Jim Watson

    Probably low information on my part, but what if USA did back completely out of the Middle East ? What if USA is not considered a “SuperPower” anymore ? What is the expense in lives and money in being a SuperPower ? Think about it – we have enormous debt and no serious attempt to restore our manufacturing markets, yet everyone wants to go to war ? With what ? Wars cost money and lives. I think the term SuperPower really translates to International Policeman and yet we can already feel the loyalty from countries like Iraq who are turning away from us and headed right straight to Russian aid. What we need now is Nationalism – get out of the Global Elite genre all together , restore our economy and stay out of wars. As Trump said – if Putin wants to takeover and destroy ISIS and back the Alewite/Shia Muslims, then let him – the conflict is in his backyard – not ours.If our current Government wants open borders, then lets import intelligent,productive Jews from Israel – get them out of harm’s way and out of the Middle East regardless of what the Bible says about God saving their butts – let America be their saving grace from imminent total destruction. The Jews are a very smart people and we need more of them than the criminals and terrorists “refugees” from the middle east and central/south America. My ideas probably sound juvenile and racist, but so is the term “SuperPower” – it sounds like the cover of some 3rd grader’s comic book. Thank you.


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