The God Of The Holy Bible VS. The Allah Of The Qu’ran

Will you believe a man in a pulpit, telling you that God and Allah are one and the same? Or will you believe the Word of God? The Holy...

In 2008, when Barack Obama became the president of the United States, many of us who love the Lord and have discernment from Him, knew that EVIL, like we have never seen, had entered the People’s House – the White House.

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” – 1 John 4:1

We knew that Obama’s past gave us a frightening glimpse of our future. We watched him bring his friends from the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House, over and over. We knew that this Islamic organization was the mother of Jihad. Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and now the Islamic State, are all offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Islam is a Satanic pseudo religion — it is Satan’s government, also known as Sharia, and its goal is world domination. In reality, Islam is a totalitarian political system, cloaked in robes of religion, to present itself to the world as good and honorable. We who love the Lord Jesus Christ, and have discernment, know inherently that Islam is evil.


The Muslim Brotherhood is the embodiment of Islam. They lie to the world and say that they are against violence. This practice of lying is acceptable and is taught in the Qur’an, as long as it is for the furtherance of Sharia. This acceptable lying is called taqiyya.

But the deluded left wing media sing the praises of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islam.

“So what is the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Muslim Brotherhood is a religious and political group founded on the belief that Islam is not simply a religion, but a way of life. It advocates a move away from secularism, and a return to the rules of the Quran as a basis for healthy families, communities, and states.

The movement officially rejects the use of violent means to secure its goals. However, offshoots of the group have been linked to attacks in the past, and critics blame the Brotherhood for sparking troubles elsewhere in the Middle East. Many consider it the forerunner of modern militant Islamism.” [1] – source

Do you see that the mainstream media are clueless when it comes to Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood? I often wonder if they believe that the Islamists will be kind to them because they are broadcasting kind words about them. How completely ignorant can they be? They will one day hear the words “Submit or die.”

But our Muslim president and the deluded left wing media do not scare me as much as the Church! The push for Chrislam in the Baptist church and in the Emergent church is startling. Catholicism has always been open to ecumenicalism. Now, the Chrislam gang, headed by false teachers like Rick Warren, are declaring that the Vatican is the mother of all Christian denominations!


This is a lie being fed to millions of unsuspecting people in churches all over the world. It sounds good, right? They say “There is only one God, so the God of the Bible and Allah must be the same. This is a blatant lie, right from the father of lies himself – Satan.


The Qu’ran clearly states that Allah has NO son.

“They say, ‘God has begotten a son.’ God forbid! Self-sufficient is He. His is all that the heavens and the earth contain. Surely for this you have no sanction. Whould you say of God what you know not?” — Qur’an 10:68

“Such was Jesus, the son of Mary. That is the whole truth, which they still doubt. God forbid that He Himself should beget a son! When He decrees a thing He need only say: ‘Be,’ and it is.” —Qur’an 19:35

“Those who say: ‘The Lord of Mercy has begotten a son,’ preach a monstrous falsehood, at which the very heavens might crack, the earth break asunder, and the mountains crumble to dust. That they should ascribe a son to the Merciful, when it does not become the Lord of Mercy to beget one!” — Qur’an 19:88

“Never has God begotten a son, nor is there any other god besides Him. Were this otherwise, each god would govern his own creation, each holding himself above the other. Exalted be God above their falsehoods!” — Qur’an 23:91

Clearly, the Qu’ran denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.


The Qu’ran states that Jesus (they call their version of Jesus – Isa) was never crucified.

From the Qu’ran:
Christians and Jews have corrupted their scriptures. (Âl ‘Imran 3:74-77, 113) Although Christians believe ‘Isa died on a cross, and Jews claim they killed him, in reality he was not killed or crucified, and those who said he was crucified lied (An-Nisa’ 4:157). ‘Isa did not die, but ascended to Allah. (An-Nisa’ 4:158) On the day of Resurrection ‘Isa himself will be a witness against Jews and Christians for believing in his death. (An-Nisa’ 4:159)


The foundation of our faith is the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He paid our sin debt, that we were not able to pay. He reconciled all those who repented and trusted Him to the Father. Jesus, who had no sin, gave us His Righteousness! He is not only the Son of God, but He is the second Person of the Godhead — therefore, He is God. Only God could be the final sacrifice for all sin!


Will you believe a man in a pulpit, telling you that God and Allah are one and the same? Or will you believe the Word of God? The Holy Bible is God’s Word, penned by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The Qu’ran was written in the 7th century and twisted many Bible stories. Now, who do we know who twists the Word of God? It should be crystal clear to the believer that the Qu’ran is counterfeit and is written by Satan himself!

Please come away from these apostate churches. Return to a church that teaches the Bible. Come home. God is waiting for you with open arms.

Time is short. Do not delay. Repent of the lies that you have believed from false teachers!

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6 (KJV)

Shalom b’Yeshua


Born into a Jewish family in Maryland, I was always searching for the truth about Jesus. I knew that He had to be someone so very special. My dad would say "He was a good man, but not who he said he was." So a good man would lie? At the age of 31, I finally met Yeshua, and He became my Lord and Savior. I am a Jew who has been made complete in Him. I am now anxiously awaiting His Glorious return to rapture His church! Maranatha!

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