Google PO Box Number 666 In Bermuda Quietly Receives $8 Billion Per Year

This is Google's complicated web of holding companies that allows the web giant to reduce its international tax bill. Google US has set up two Irish companies, one of which revolves around a PO Box numbered 666 based in Bermuda, with a middle company in the Netherlands

The receptionist said that Google Bermuda Unlimited is registered at PO Box 666 through the law firm’s affiliate company, called Codan.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Interestingly, Google for many years used to have a sign hanging in their main headquarters that read “don’t be evil“. They dropped that tag line in 2015. So the revelation that a secret Google PO Box in Bermuda, registered to non-existent Google offices, is numbered 666 and receives billions of dollars per year seems pretty interesting to us. Watch the video below and things really start to heat up.

Google has no office, no staff and little more than a plain PO Box numbered 666 on the sunny Caribbean Island of Bermuda. But it still sends $8billion in profits a year to the island – which happens to have a 0 per cent corporation tax rate. Google’s communications chief Peter Barron today insisted the billions of dollars funnelled from the search engine’s global network of subsidiaries had no impact on the firm’s tax bill in Britain.

But after a week dominated by criticism of an agreement between Google – which once had the slogan ‘Don’t be Evil’ – and HMRC to pay just $130 million in back taxes for the past decade details of the company’s arrangement on Bermuda are set to shock.

Google’s tax bill in Britain is held down by the firm’s insistence it has no ‘permanent’ base here – on the basis all sales in Europe are made via Dublin. But Google has five major offices in Britain and 5,000 staff working here.

The Sun on Sunday today revealed the Bermudan government’s Registrar of Companies, Google Bermuda Unlimited and Google Ireland Holdings are registered to the address of Conyers Dill and Pearman, a law firm at Clarenden House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton.

The firm is based just a few streets from the PO Box to which Google directs billions in profits.

But Derrick Ward, 51, told The Sun he had no idea Google was based at the building – despite working in the post room for the past four years. He said: ‘Google don’t have an office in the lawyers’ building. I’m sure we’d know about it if they did.’

He added: ‘If there was a Google HQ on Bermuda it would be clear to see. I hear they have football pitches at their offices. I’ve never met anyone who works for Google in all my life.’

A receptionist at the windowless Bermuda office told the Sun: ‘Google doesn’t have an office here, they don’t employ any staff here.’ But after referring to her computer, the receptionist said that Google Bermuda Unlimited is registered at PO Box 666 through the law firm’s affiliate company, called Codan.

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