• 60 MINUTES: Hillsong Church Founder Brian Houston Covered Up Pedophilia Sexual Assault Acts Committed By His Pastor Father Frank Houston

    Frank Houston was investigated by the Assemblies of God, unveiling substantially more cases of abuse. But Frank's son Brian Houston sent a letter to the churches, writing there was 'no reason' for their findings to be announced. Frank Houston would live out the rest of his days in retirement before dying in 2004. Ten years later, Sengstock anonymously recalled his ordeal at a Royal Commission into child sex abuse.  It was the first time the famed pastor's history of abuse was publicly revealed. Now, knowing his days are numbered, Sengstock is hoping to put a face to the abuse he suffered for five excruciating years.  In his book, Brian Houston defended his actions, but relented he could have acted 'differently'. 
    November 20, 2018

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