Failed Climate Prophet Al Gore Warns Of ‘Coming Dust Bowl’ Unless Billions Spent

Al Gore gave a 90-minute presentation, using photos and videos to illustrate a litany of floods, wildfires, torrential rains, droughts, dust storms, rising sea levels and increasing world temperatures....

“The entire north polar ice cap will be gone in 5 years” – Al Gore, December 10th, 2007

“The Dust Bowl is coming back, quickly, unless we act.” – Al Gore, February 22nd, 2014

Hmm. Having lost much traction with the Ice Age of 2014, failed climate prophet Al Gore is now attempting to summon the ghost of Tom Joad by bringing back the dust bowl scare of the 1930’s. He must be hoping today’s youth will not have read Of Mice And Men.

Kansas City Star: Al Gore, the former vice president, speaking Saturday in Kansas City, cited many more recent examples how heavy use of fossil fuels is contributing to extreme weather events and trends, in his view.

Gore filled a Westin Crown Center ballroom with a 90-minute presentation, using photos and videos to illustrate a litany of floods, wildfires, torrential rains, droughts, dust storms, rising sea levels and increasing world temperatures.


Al Gore is accumulating stuff. Millions of dollars, dozens of pounds, and he is laughing at all of you who buy his books and his nonsense while he lives in mansions and flies his private jets. Go Green – Yay!

To those attending the Folk Alliance International conference, he noted examples of flooding in locations both remote and closer to home, such as in Manitou Springs, Colo., where high water barreled down mountain highways last year, carrying cars along with it.

“They had never seen anything like this in Manitou Springs,” Gore said.

He cited the possibility of how flooding in Pakistan could destabilize that country, a nuclear power, and the possible effect that continuing drought in California might have on the world’s food supply.

“Think about that,” he said. “The Dust Bowl is coming back, quickly, unless we act.”

Gore presented animation from his 2006 film depicting water pushing into the streets of lower Manhattan — much mocked at the time, Gore said — followed by images of water filling New York City subway tunnels during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

Gore conceded the possible fatigue some may have with his warnings, as well as the possible sense of powerlessness as to what any one individual can do to affect what appear to be vast, unchangeable trends.

“Do we really have to do this and — if the answer is yes — can we do it?” Gore said, repeating two questions he routinely hears.

“The answer to both of those questions — spoiler alert — is ‘yes.’ ”

Gore cited what he considered the increasing momentum with which renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar power have been embraced.

Just as one telephone company study 25 years ago underestimated the huge increase in the use of cellphones, estimates on the acceptance of wind and solar technology also have been conservative, Gore said.

Among the countries or states turning to renewable energy strategies, Gore mentioned the Vatican’s increasing use of solar technology. Vatican City, Gore said, wants to be the first CO2-neutral sovereign city-state in the world. source – Kansas City Star

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  • He is a liar, a thief and cheat! Just like his father the devil! Need I say more. But I could!

  • Ha Ha! Yes, really tell me another story, he sounds like Kenneth Copeland just give me your money! LOL

  • Gore is like the rest of the rich pethetic bums who run the world under the authority of lucifer yet god created the world and everything in it so when god says it’s over it’s over not when he or anyone else says it is

    So why doesn’t he feed the starving people of the world instead of yapping and ranting about useless climate change which no human being has control over these people make me sick

    They all have the same agenda and are all interbred he probably has millions to gain by sucking people into his crap agenda give me half of your millions gore and I will put it to good and far better use than u same with the pope and all other greedy war mongrels that exist in this world

  • Ideal stuff thank you for the posting on this! I had to research everywere for this information! You will never know how much time and energy you just saved back to me!

  • J

    Al who?

  • J

    Keep smilin’ al

  • Let me guess ?..Al just bought the land that
    the dust bowl is supposed to appear on, or
    he’s just increased his shares in wind turbines
    right ! I’m losing track of how many inconvenient
    truths that big al has predicted ! This guy could
    sell ice cubes to the Eskimos, he can’t sell them
    snow at the moment because that just got dumped
    on the USA so he’s fresh out of that, inconvenient
    for him I know. But when you’ve got lemons, you
    make lemonade !..just invent another inconvenient
    truth !

    If your really interested ” in truth” seek Jesus today !

    God Bless All.

  • Mike: How’s the drought down under?

    Did you pick up on the news today, Hezbollah are forcing their hand against Israel again, this time IDF is flying into the border of Lebanon and Syria on their bombing raids last night.

    I could be wrong but I believe Hezbollah and Syrian will pushed up the pressure on Israel, making Israel to do a full scale attack against Hezbolla and this time , at least by the middle or the end of April 2014, Israel will use a nuclear device against “Damascus.” Which will fullfill Prophecy Isaiah 17:1

    Something big is going to happen right after the Jewish Passover, which is the 1st Blood Moon April 15, 2014?

  • Mike: I wonder how Al Gore is explaining the Vortex Cold fronts in the USA that should be in the North Pole region? This idiot never figured on that the Magnetic Poles are shifting and that the Moon has shifted 34 degrees? As I live in Southern Mexico, in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, that our winters are in the 50’s degrees F, but we have been all winter in the high 80 degrees F.

    I wonder if Al Gore can get enough money donated to him to stop the poles from shifting? LOL

  • Al Gore is a sociopath liar. He needs to be locked up. This fool has done much damage to us all. The earth is not warming–it’s a lie. HAARP and Chem-Trails are the reason we have severe weather problems. Look at that first. The sun is going dim [fact] and researchers have concluded a mini ice age is now in effect and getting worse. Look at the FACTS—-

  • Bob: You ever wonder if Al Gore became President than Bush, where we would be now?

  • Jesus said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to inherit the kingdom of God.

    Na na hey hey, gooood bye Al, good bye!

  • Could he become the first from Tennessee to win 2 Nobel prizes? Who really awards those prizes anyhow?

  • STL, we are just waiting on big Al to deliver his
    inconvenient truth analyses for Australia part 3
    or is it 4 ?

    In the mean time, the Australian government is in
    negotiations with big Al to see if we can buy any
    of that excess snow dumped on the US on the
    cheap, if that doesn’t work, there’s always Sochi,
    the Olympics are finished now ! Were looking to
    create an inland flood of biblical proportions,
    that will end any drought issues.

    I believe during the flood of Noah the world was
    thrown of it’s axis, and won’t be righted till Jesus
    second coming and the trouble in the middle
    east will lead to Isaiah 17.1 the destruction of
    Damascus. It’s all near STL, just at the door !

    God Bless All.

  • Marbe granite, in answer to your question ?
    I believe the contemporary method of selection
    for the Nobel prize is as follows.

    1) buy a can of kanga chunks dog food, peel
    label, and fill out nomination award and
    post it.

    2) Wait for a period of at least 2-3 weeks,
    award will arrive in mail

    This is how Yasser Arafat, Obama and big Al
    recieved this most prestigious award. Plus
    their dogs have a shinny coat !

    So big Al Infact could win 22 awards, as long
    as he doesn’t miss the out going mail, and
    kanga chunks can still supply that great roo
    flavour that all k-9 love ! Remember,..your
    dog too, could skip like a roo !

  • Great article. Al Gore is the P. T. Barnum of the age. FWIW, re “Of Mice and Men”….possibly you may be thinking of “The Grapes of Wrath”

  • Thanks, Mike, that answers a question I have been wanting to ask since Arafat. Now I have greater respect for winners of that prize. Another question, though. Did Al use the award money to purchase a Prius and move into a 1,500 square foot residence with heat and electricity generated by solar power?

  • Marbe, I have know idea what he buys with
    his prize money ? ..perhaps a snow plough
    to combat all that global warming ? Oh, and
    more kanga chunks as well, he may want to
    nominate himself again when he releases his
    his new video,…..( ” The coming ice age, an
    inconvenient truth, if you don’t believe me,
    look out your window” ) that will sell like hot
    cakes !..he’s going to need 1500 sq ft just to
    put his awards in.

  • Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems
    as though you relied on the video to mske your point.

    You definitely know what youre talking about, why waste yourr intelligence on just posting videos to
    your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

  • Hellօ colleagues, pleasant piece ߋf writing and fastidious arguments commented ɦere, ӏ am in fact enjoying Ьy these.

  • Mr. Al, I call him, they bath in Gore. I find it difficult to love this man though hate his extreme sin.

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