• Muslim Brotherhood Bends Rules and Expects to Win Big in Egypt

    The Muslim Brotherhood has already started coloring outside the lines in order to win a majority in Egypt’s parliamentary elections. The organization, which gave its political branch the more ambiguous title, The Party of Freedom and Justice (FJP), is expected to win 40 percent of the seats in the...
  • OWS! Flea Party Protesters Descend on Wall St.

    New York is today facing major disruption as tens of thousands of protesters are expected to flood into Manhattan to support Occupy Wall Street as the movement celebrates its two-month anniversary. Protesters began amassing in lower Manhattan this morning to begin a 'day of action' in which they are...
  • Occupy Protesters Threaten ‘We’re going to burn New York City to the ground’

    We’re going to burn New York City to the ground! Less than forty-eight hours after an early morning police raid on Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street protesters are warning city officials to expect their biggest demonstration yet. A planned 'day of action' on November 17 has prompted the mayor's...
  • Obama’s Red Carpet, Gaddafi’s Red Streets

    The Middle East continues to have blood covered streets. The Libyan people are hiding in their homes because they know if they go outside they will become a target of Gaddafi’s pick off game. What is Obama doing? Being serenaded by celebrities at the White House. Yes, while people...

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