Occupy Oakland

  • Occupy terrorists begin May Day protests in California with smashed windows, burning cars, and generalized looting.

    Occupy Rioters Unleash Anarchist Violence On San Francisco

    Occupy May Day protests began early last night with a roving band of "anarchists" smashing car windows and store fronts in San Francisco's Mission District. The mini-riot may have started as a "ruckus street party" organized by Occupy Oakland protesters who invaded their sister city last night, but whoever...
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    Occupy Movement No Longer Hiding Their Hatred For Israel And Plans Assault

    Occupy Oakland demonstrators plan to hold a major “unwelcoming” of Israeli President Shimon Peres Tuesday during his visit to a San Francisco synagogue. Peres, Occupy Oakland charges, has “signed into law racist and colonialist legislation” and “a series of laws and amendments disenfranchising and ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their...
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