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Get these 4 books by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman at a discounted price!

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Get these 4 books by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman at a discounted price!

Seven Sevens: The Lord does everything by sevens, and knowing this unlocks Biblical prophecy. This booklet deals directly with the time of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Seven Baptisms: Seven baptisms are to be distinguished in the Bible by comparing Scripture with Scripture. There is probably more disagreement about baptism than any other Biblical subject.

Seven Mysteries: Christians should be faithful stewards of the mysteries of God, but they are usually not even aware of them. This doctrinal study presents all seven, with the chapter and verses listed.

Seven Resurrections: The Bible speaks about the first and the second resurrections (the resurrection of the quick and the dead). But there are five more, and this booklet shows all of them.


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