Just One More Soul Bundle


This Bundle Includes:

  • Soulwinning
  • Eternal Security
  • Share Jesus Without Fear Personal Evangelism New Testament
  • Street Preacher Tracts

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This Bundle Includes:

Soulwinning: This is a series of lessons on personal work which were taught to the students of the Pensacola Bible Institute and in Bible Baptist Church. Although originally designed to help young men going into the ministry, they can be profitable to every believer who takes his Saviour’s last command seriously (Acts 1:8). Every born-again Christian is called to be an individual, personal witness who attempts to win lost sinners to Jesus Christ: a soulwinner.

Eternal Security: The eternal security of the born-again believer is established as Bible doctrine for this age, and every major Biblical reference is covered.

The Share Jesus Without Fear Personal Evangelism New Testament: The Share Jesus Without Fear Personal Evangelism New Testament takes you beyond the concerns of rejection and not knowing what to say and provides a progressive step by step rationale that leads the non-Christian into a realization of their current life choice. The lost are then afforded the opportunity to accept Christ. Convenient to carry and never intimidating this comfort-trim New Testament is about the size of a check book fitting easily into any purse, coat pocket or even a shirt pocket. The cover (black) of the New Testament does not feature the words Holy Bible or New Testament, in fact it looks more like a check book or personal ledger than a Bible.

Street Preacher Gospel Tracts: These gospel postcard tracts are very simple to understand, easy to read, and have been tried and tested on the streets for the past few years now. NTEB gospel tracts are bright, 4-color, and printed on glossy postcard stock. On the back is a laser-focused gospel presentation and salvation invitation to the reader. We have personally handed out thousands and thousands of these tracts, and can testify that they are very well received.


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