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Geoffrey Grider
His father served in the Air Force during WWII and Korea, and his brother proudly served in the Marine Corps. That instilled in Geoffrey an abiding and undying passion for America, and for defending our Constitution.

Now The End Begins is not only a passion, it's a calling as well. As an avid student of bible prophecy for the past 20 years, Geoffrey greatly enjoys preaching and teaching from God's Word, all the more so as we see the signs that the end is near growing more apparent every day.This website was started because those signs can no longer be denied or ignored. In addition to designing the visual look of Now The End Begins, Geoffrey also serves as editor-in-chief as well as a Features contributor.

Geoffrey has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1988, and has appeared in national TV commercials as well as guest appearences on many
television shows.
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Barack Hussein Obama and the Rise Of Hitler
A love letter and a warning to America

"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." Ecclesiastes 1:9

It's 1932, and in economically-ravaged Germany, a charismatic new figure arrives from out of nowhere and onto the political scene. Almost overnight it seems, he is rebuilding roads, creates the Autobahn, builds hospitals, schools, he is photographed kissing babies. Men want to serve him, women are swooning in the aisles when he gives fiery speeches. He is the One that Germany has been waiting for.

I turn to you and I warn you about what he is really like, and about his evil intentions. You look at me as an intolerant bigot, you say that I must not like Austrians (racist), you say that its not my place to judge, how
can I know what's in his mind? You try and debate with me, but soon grow tired of my seemingly endless diatribe against him. One day, you report me to the government and they take me away for "processing
and re-education". I am never seen or heard from ever again. Part of you feels bad, but another part of
you feels like you have done your country a service by having a "hindrance to the National progress" removed.

Obama as messiah

Time marches on and soon all of Germany bristles with a new found pride and energy. You are the envy of
the world. But something doesn't seem quite right. Neighbors of yours have been "disappearing", and others have been branded with a yellow star. But you hear your leader give another speech, and national pride swells within you. Its 1938, and there are "rumors" of camps where Jews and other undesirables are being taken. Some even say that they smell strange smoke coming out of the smokestacks. Some even whisper that it's a campaign from your leader against the impure races that have polluted your proud nation. You recoil in fear,
and then banish the thought from your mind. How can people be so intolerant, you wonder? Cannot they
see how this man has done great things for us? Why can't we all just get along, and support his effort.
They must be racist, you think within yourself, they must hate Austrians with an irrational hatred.

Obama as messiah Louis Farrakhan

How can people say such things about a man they don't know personally?

Then, one day, there is a knock on your door. German soldiers with an order to take you, a homosexual, to
Auschwitz for processing as an "undesirable". In one sickening flash you realize that the whispers were true,
that I was right when I tried to warn you all those years ago. As they slide you alive into the ovens, and you feel the blazing-hot metal sear and scorch your skin, you cry out "why didn't anyone stop this???"

Obama the Destroyer
Today, Barack Hussein Obama stands at the starting point
where Hitler once did.

And because the mass majority
of people refuse to see the
warning signs, he will continue
to create his National Socialist regime.

Once it is in place it will be too late, the deed will be done.

So, we choose sides, you and I.

I have chosen to oppose him as the evil man that I know he is. I know that the mightiest oak tree rose up from a once impossibly insignificant acorn. I don't need to wait until the concentration camps are built to take action. And you can call me racist, intolerant, a bigot, a hater, that won't phase or bother me a bit. I am only trying to warn you, your children, and your loved ones.

I have learned the lessons from the Holocaust.

One day you will call me a prophet, one day you will thank me for being brave, being bold, and willing to take
an unpopular stand. One day you will see that I opposed an renegade Socialist, and not a black man.

And until that day, you choose your side, and I'll chose mine.

Obama and the Rise of Hitler

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