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US Military Now Identifies Bible Believers As Threat To Nat'l Security

What if we told you that there exists right now a document, produced and approved by the US Military's School of Advanced Military Studies in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, that identifies people who believe that Jesus Christ will return to Jerusalem to rule the world, as one of the greatest threats to US security? What if we also told you that this document has met with acceptance at the upper-echelons of the US Military?

Should you be concerned that one day people who believe this way may be removed from society because they pose a distinct threat? Is it possible that this is why they have been constructing FEMA camps?

We have asked you a lot of questions that need to be answered sooner rather than later. Here then, we present for your consideration, our analysis of this official military document known as:

Strategic Implications of American Millennialism
Dated: May 22, 2008
By: Major Brian L. Stuckert, U.S. Army
School of Advanced Military Studies
United States Army Command and General Staff College
Fort Leavenworth , KS 66027
This thesis was approved by:
Timothy Challans, PhD
Monograph Director Robert Taylor, COL ,
MI Monograph Reader Stefan J. Banach, COL , IN Director, School of Advanced Military Studies
Robert F. Baumann, PH.D Director, Graduate Degree Programs
>>Click here to download the entire report in PDF format<<

Bible-believers identified as a threat

NTEB Analysis: It appears the major is attempting to pit the military against a substantial section of the American civilian population. Major Stuckert then claims that millennial beliefs will lead America in a misguided foreign policy that will rely on the military as an instrument of power!

"Military leaders and planners must recognize that, to the extent that actual and potential adversaries may analyze American millennial thought, there may be significant advantages available to the enemy. First, millennial thought and its policy implications may create strategic transparency that affords adversaries an advantage in decision-making. Second, an understanding of American millennial thinking may provide adversaries with the means to manipulate American policy and subsequent action.

This is the actual cover for the report, and what follows after it will blow you away.

Third, the enemy may exploit American millennialism to increase the fragility of and even disrupt coalitions. Fourth, adversaries may exploit American millennialism to demoralize or terrorize joint forces and the American people. By recognizing these potential vulnerabilities, military leaders and planners may take action now to mitigate the effects." SIAM Page 2, paragraph 3

NTEB Analysis: In the very beginning, Major Stuckert opens with a direct attack on pre-millennial beliefs as being dangerous to America . He frames this thesis in really the worst possible warning against pre-millennial believers. He states these beliefs create "strategic hubris" along with "reckless international action." He then states that military planners and strategists need understanding of millennial thought. This section follows:

"The impact of American millennial religious ideas on U.S. Government policy will add to strategic hubris, compel increasingly reckless international action, and continue to over-commit the military in ways the Nation cannot afford. Military leaders, planners and strategists require greater awareness and understanding of American millennial thought. Millennialism has always been a feature of the American culture and has shaped not only the objectives of U.S. government policy, but also the way in which we interpret the words and actions of other actors on the international stage" SIAM Page 1, paragraph 1

Is belief in the soon return of Jesus in the Rapture a "threat" to the US military? Major Stuckert thinks so...

NTEB Analysis: Based on the fourth point, this report must have been rushed to the military leaders in the Pentagon because of the possibility the American army could be demoralized! Notice action must be taken NOW to mitigate the effects of millennialism! This is directly threatening to me and all believers. It appears the major is attempting to pit the military against a substantial section of the American civilian population. Major Stuckert then claims that millennial beliefs will lead America in a misguided foreign policy that will rely on the military as an instrument of power!

"Where contemporary American millennialism is concerned, collective anxiety over things like apocalyptic war, an Anti-Christ alive and at work somewhere on the Earth and the need to secure our eternal destiny by our own hand will lead to a misguided foreign and security policy that increasingly relies upon employment of the military instrument of power." SIAM Page 5 paragraph 2

NTEB Analysis:
All of the above quotes have painted a direr picture of American millennialism steering America on a course to misuse the military for religious reasons! Since this report was approved by SAMS, how could it not have been forwarded for urgent action! The report identifies the Bible as the source of pre-millennialism beliefs with the Southern and Independent Baptists along with the Pentecostals as the main adherents to this belief system. The report goes further to name some of the leaders:

"Secular considerations notwithstanding, the single most important factor in western apocalypticism are the Bible, specifically the books of Daniel and Revelation. In the Bible and subsequent philosophical interpretations, we can trace the source of our linear, teleological view of deterministic history.12 Millennialism, and especially dispensational pre-millennialism, derives in large part from extraordinary literalism of even the most figurative passages of the Bible." Page 6, paragraph 2,3 This influence is most pronounced within non-denominational, Southern and independent Baptist and Pentecostal churches. The phenomenon of pre-millennial ideas has successfully crossed denominational boundaries during the last three decades, owing much to the success of publishing, broadcasting and other media efforts designed to spread pre-millennialism." Page 7 paragraph 7 "Prominent pre-millennialist writers such as Hal Lindsey, John Walvoord, Tim LaHaye, J. Dwight Pentecost, John Hagee and others assert that their philosophy about the return of Christ has always been the doctrine of the historical church." SIAM Page 13-14

Did you know that the US Military has already begun building FEMA camps...just who are they meant to house? I'm just guessing here, but, I think it will be for people the government deems as a 'threat' - like people who Major Stuckert has indentified in his report.

Israel targeted

NTEB Analysis: The report gets to the heart of the main issues with pre-millennialism and that is the State of Israel. This is one of the main focuses of this report, so I centralized the sections about Israel . The Major is correct as Israel is extremely important to pre-millennialists:

"I will examine the interaction between World War I and the emerging ideas of pre-millennialism and the subsequent influence of this philosophy on shifting U.S. strategic attitudes. Most importantly, I will examine the import of the establishment of the state of Israel to American millennialism and subsequent security policy implications that dominate U.S. foreign relations today." SIAM Page 3, paragraph 1

NTEB Analysis: The thesis accurately shows the connection that pre-millennial believers make between the modern state of Israel and Bible prophecy. The report accurately describes the pre-millennial view that the rebirth of Israel is the key to Bible prophecy:

"Pre-millennialists in America have come to agree that the establishment of the state of Israel fulfilled their interpretation of chapter 24 in the Gospel of Matthew. This passage is significant for pre-millennialists because they read it as a key to understanding the 'end times' that will hasten the end of the world. The passage adjures followers to watch for signs, which would include wars, rumors of wars, false Christs, and the renewal of the fig tree, which is a symbol of Israel . Most pre-millennialists believe that based on this passage, some who were alive in 1948 will live to see the Second Coming." SIAM Page 28 paragraph 1

NTEB Analysis: The major believes that problems between the EU and Israel will eventually have a negative impact on US and EU relations. It appears one area of conflict is the EU does not identify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. He then adds that many Europeans believe the Israeli -- Palestinian conflict is the major cause of terrorism and Islamic extremism.

"Israel has difficult and complex relations with the European Union and it is likely that these same issues will eventually have a negative impact on U.S. relationships with the EU. The European Union does not identify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Many in Europe believe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the major cause of terrorism and Islamist extremism" SIAM Page 47 paragraph 2

NTEB Analysis: The Major then takes SAMS into a political minefield with an extremely dangerous analysis of the United States ' diplomatic relations with Israel . As an officer, he takes on both Congress and the president over Israel :

"Millennialism is an important consideration when evaluating or implementing U.S. policy with respect to Israel or in the broader Middle East . Tenets of pre-millennialism are at odds with the U.S. official government position with respect to the Roadmap Peace Plan. It is unlikely that either a presidential administration of either party or the Congress will ever take substantive action to force implementation of the Roadmap. SIAM Page 51 paragraph 1

NTEB Analysis: Who is Major Stuckert to say the United States should FORCE THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE ROADMAP? Israel as a sovereign nation was attacked in 1967 by Jordan . The present situation is a direct result of this war. America is a mediator and not a bully. I wonder how Israel would respond to this statement coming from an esteemed war college in America ? This statement is beyond dangerous and shows how out of control is the Major and SAMS. Where does freedom of speech end and insubordination begin? The United States never intervened into a war to support Israel , yet, the Major writes in a way that it seems the United States already has:

"While unpleasant and unpopular, military intervention in the Middle East will be seen as a Christian duty in support of Israel . In short, pre-millennialism will continue to argue for unilateral military action." SIAM Page 55 paragraph 7

Conclusion: After studying and evaluating this thesis, one question about Major Stuckert leaps out. With such a jaded view of America , its history, and his thinking that the "present control of the government is by Pre-Millennialists," why is he in the army and what is he defending? It is beyond comprehension that an officer in the American army could write such a thesis, and it was approved by SAMS.

This report is riddled with insubordination and sense of a possible cabal, or insurrection, against civilian authority. This is not an objective analysis but a highly charged political statement using terms as "Religious Right." It appears to be written from the "Hard Left" position. I sense that this report may have been written to marginalize and silence pre-millennial believers in the military. There is a distinct possibility that, if Major Stuckert's thinking is wide-spread throughout the military that a "Fifth Column" may be building against the civilian authority of the United States of America .

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