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Debbie Schlussel
As both an attorney and a frequent New York Post and Jerusalem Post columnist, Schlussel's writings and commentary on radical Islam and her legal actions against radical Islamic parties have gotten a great deal of attention - and results. She's written in the New York Post and made appearances on Fox's "The O'Reilly Factor"

Schlussel's unique expertise on radical Islam/Islamic terrorism and a host of other issues make her a popular speaker and television and radio news talk show guest, both nationally & internationally. (Her online fan club is the Internet's second largest for a political personality-behind only Ann Coulter.) She is a University of Michigan graduate and holds both Law and MBA degrees from the University of Wisconsin.

The granddaughter of immigrant Holocaust survivors, Schlussel's mother was born in the former Nazi concentration of Bergen Belsen in Germany, and her father is a Vietnam-era Army Veteran. A frequent speaker at conservative, pro-Israel, and Jewish conferences, gatherings, college campuses, and events around the U.S. Schlussel was a featured speaker at the 2004 National Board Meeting of JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs), 2004 National Conference of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), 2001 and 2002 NRA Annual Meetings, 2002 Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity National Convention, and 2000 Toward Tradition Conference.

In 1988, Schlussel was the youngest female and youngest Jewish delegate to the Republican National Convention, a National Youth Vice Chairman of George H. W. Bush's 1988 Presidential campaign, and a Youth Chairman of his 1989 Inauguration. An avid athlete who works out regularly, Schlussel won several medals in tennis, track and cross country running in the 1984 Maccabi Games (the Junior Jewish Olympics). In 1985, she was a finalist to represent the U.S. in tennis at the Maccabiah Games (Jewish Olympics) in Israel.

Schlussel worked for Fred Barnes, Editor of The Weekly Standard Magazine, host of FOX's Beltway Boys, and Mort Kondracke, also of the Beltway Boys? when Barnes and Kondracke were Senior Editors of The New Republic. Schlussel also worked in Washington for several Congressmen including Rep. Phil Crane, Chairman of the powerful House Trade Subcommittee.

She can be reached at DebbieSchlussel.com
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Obama's IRS: 'Israel is a Terrorist Group'
By Debbie Schlussel • December 16, 2010


I can't believe I'm writing this in late 2010, rather than late 1939. But Barack Obama's IRS has decided that Israel is a "terrorist group." No biggie that it's only our most loyal ally in the world and that the country is nowhere on the State Department terrorist list. The Obamaniks make it up as they go along.

As you'll recall, some time ago, I told you about our friend, the indefatigable Harvard grad and patriot, Lori Lowenthal Marcus, the founder and executive director of Z Street and her righteous fight against Barack Obama's IRS regarding her organization and Israel. I've known Lori a long time and she is the real deal-"good people," as we say. Her organization, Z Street, is one of the most important new organizations fighting Islamo-fascism and Israel-hatred in America and the Western World. With a tiny infrastructure, this superwoman is doing what plenty of Jewish and gentile organizations claim to do-BUT DON'T (Hanan Tudor/fraud "Brigitte Gabriel" fan club alert)-with millions of dollars and much unearned fanfare.

**HOW YOU CAN HELP: The Law Offices of Debbie Schlussel is a one-woman, shoe-string budget operation, in which most cases involving the defense of Western values, including freedom of speech and religion for Christians and Jews, are taken on a pro bono [free] or contingency basis. Your support for its continuing endeavors to continue to pursue matters such as the instant action is appreciated. Click here to donate.
No amount is too small.**

And, as I noted, Barack Obama's IRS held out on granting Lori's Z Street tax deductible status, claiming the organization doesn't share America's policy views on Israel and the Mid-East. I noted then that this was interesting, since CAIR, ADC, MPAC, ISNA all openly support HAMAS and Hezbollah (both on the State Department terrorist list) and Israel's annihilation-NOT America's stated policy in the Mid-East and certainly in contradiction with our country's stated opposition to Islamic terrorist groups-and yet all of these groups DO have tax-deductible, non-profit status. As I noted, Lori filed a lawsuit, and since then, the IRS has a new response for its denial of tax-deductible 501 (c) (3) or (c) (4) status: THAT ISRAEL IS A TERRORIST GROUP.

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