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Is America Losing God's Blessing?

"The events of September 2008 make it one of the turning points in American and world history. The economic meltdown that started in July 2007 hit full force in September and carried over into October. This economic collapse can be compared only to the Great Depression of the 1930s. Economic forces were unleashed that affect the very survival of the United States .

On September 11, the US consul general to Israel , Jake Walles, was quoted in the Palestinian newspaper Al-Ayyam about the progress of the Annapolis plan. Walles stated that Israel agreed to give the Palestinians control of East Jerusalem . He also said that Secretary of State Rice's recent visits to Israel were about dividing Jerusalem.

The US State Department quickly denied Walles' statement and said that the negotiations should be kept private. It is obvious that Walles was telling the truth and that the State Department was trying to keep a lid on its plan to divide Jerusalem until the deal was completed. On September 14, the Jerusalem Post reported that Prime Minister Olmert had offered the Palestinians 98.1 percent of the West Bank, as well as East Jerusalem . Olmert was quoted as having said, "The vision of greater Israel no longer exists. Those who speak of it are delusional."

On September 11, Hurricane Ike was heading directly toward Texas , and the Wall Street bank, Lehman Brothers Holding, Inc., was collapsing. Hurricane Ike was extremely large and powerful. It was six hundred miles in diameter and had a massive twenty-foot storm surge. Late on September 12, Ike stuck and damaged almost the entire Texas coast and parts of Louisiana . The hurricane hit Texas as a Category 3 storm just east of Galveston , and it nearly destroyed the entire city. The eye traveled north toward Houston . Most homes in the Houston area lost power in the state's worst power disruption in history. The entire city was shut down for days. The damage inflicted by this storm ranged in estimates from $27 to $52 billion, making it one of the most destructive in history.

On September 13 and 14, negotiations to save Lehman Brothers failed, and it went into bankruptcy. At $613 billion, this was the greatest bank failure in United States history. This failure shocked the economic system and ignited a credit crisis, which was like a heart attack to the entire economic system. The stock market immediately began to melt down.

During the next two weeks, the stock market went into wild swings, falling and rising by huge numbers. This became the worst stock market crisis since the crash of 1929. To calm the people's fears, the president called for a $700 billion taxpayer bailout of the banks and stock market.

On September 25, to promote this bailout, the president invited the two presidential candidates and other congressional leaders to the White House to discuss the economic crisis. This meeting took place at 4:00 p.m. Just three hours prior to this meeting, the president had met with Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, to discuss the progress of the Annapolis Conference. At the height of the economic turmoil, the president was meeting with Abbas to discuss the division of Jerusalem!

On September 29, the great stock market meltdown of 777 points took place. This day was also the biblical feast of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. This 777-point fall was the greatest yet, and it shook the US market to its core. The next biblical holiday, Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement, takes place ten days after Rosh Hashanah; this ten-day gap between the two holidays is called the "Days of Awe." During the "Days of Awe," the world markets began to collapse until, on Yom Kippur, October 9, the market fell 679 points.

During these holidays and the "Days of Awe," the market lost 2,400 points for a 22 percent loss-the greatest sell-off since the crash of October 1929. On October 9, 2007, the stock market reached its all-time high of 14,164 points. Exactly one year later, the market had lost $8.1 trillion, and some of the largest banks in the country had disappeared.

The next biblical holiday, the Feast of Tabernacles, fell on October 15. On this day, the stock market again fell 737 points for its second-greatest one-day fall in history. On these three biblical holidays, the market fell a total of 2,193 points!

The crash that shook America on Rosh Hashanah turned into a world collapse on Yom Kippur. On Yom Kippur, the leaders of the West called for international action to stop the crash as markets and banks were collapsing worldwide. To stop the collapse, various countries nationalized their banks in an attempt to halt a complete economic meltdown. This meltdown changed the face of world economics almost overnight.

September-October 2008 was the turning point in United States history. The diplomatic position of the government is to divide the land of Israel including Jerusalem. America 's interference with God's covenant land and the national promotion of the homosexual agenda came to a head. The US met the biblical requirements for judgment."

As The Nations Have Done To Israel
Understanding Genesis 12:3

I will bless those that bless you, Israel

Sometimes, I think, people think that God is just kidding around. That what He has declared in His Word is really more a of guideline instead of absolute truth. So today, I want to look more closely into something that God declared back in Genesis which is, by turns, of the the sweetest promises as well as one the nastiest curses in all the bible. He spoke it to Abraham, the father of the coming Jewish nation, and in it he foretold what would be the result of those who blessed and helped the Jews, and what would happen to those who sought to mistreat the Jew and bring harm to Israel.

"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed."
Genesis 12:3

God's promise to Abraham and the nation of Israel remins in full effect to this day.

Since the day that God gave that promise to the Jews and the nation of Israel, many, many nations have found out the hard way what type of "curse" God was referring to. Let's take a look at some of the nations and empires that once ruled the world, and no longer do.

The Once-Mighty Nations Of The World Who Cursed Israel


In it's heyday, Egypt was such a mighty nation that it was the envy of the world. She had it all - wealth, military power, science, agriculture. There seemed to be no limit to what they could produce. The pyramids stand today as an architechtural marvel. Egypt was the most powerful nation on the face of the earth. But they made one, very serious mistake.

Jewish slave labor produced many of the marvels of Egypt, when the Jews left, Egypt died.

But Egypt made a fatal mistake - the slaves they used to create thier masterpieces belonhed to Someone else, and He was about to step in. The slaves of Egypt were the children of Israel, and for nearly 400 years they were held in bondage. God raised up Moses to demand of Pharoh that he "let my people go", and Pharoh would not. Moses pronouced 10 plagues on Egypt, and all 10 came to pass just as he had said. It all ended with Pharaoh chasing the Jews to the edge of the Red Sea, only to be drown in it.

Today, Egyptian tour guides can only boast about her glorious past and memories about the world power that they once were.

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The Roman Empire

In it's day there seemed to be no end to the mighty and massive Roman Empire. It's reach, power and scope made it one the mightiest empires of all time, if not the mightiest ever. All seemed to be going very well until they reached and ultimately mistreated tiny, little Israel.

Ancient, crumbling ruins are all that the Roman Empire can brag about today.

In 70 AD. The Romans, under Titus, had grown tired of managing Israel and especially the Jews, and decided to end the Jewish problem in a dramatic and final attempt. Roman legions surrounded the city, set it on fire, and destroyed the holy Temple which was the center of Jewish life in Israel. Thousands of Jews were killed, and then thousands more taken into Roman slave and work camps. Israel was dispersed, and it's people scattered to the four corners of the earth, as the bible predicted. But in 1948, Israel was restored, while the Roman Empire continues to exist only in history books.

The British Empire

England once boasted that their empire was so vast that the "sun never set on it." They had colonized the empty land of Israel, known at that time as Palestine, the former land of Israel. During WWI, the British naval guns were running short of gunpowder, and they needed a solution to the problem very badly, and very quickly.

Great Britian used to rule the waves...not anymore.

Sir Winston Churchill, then the First Lord of the Admiralty, contacted a Jewish chemist named Chaim Weizmann, and asked if he could take a shot at finding a solution. The question they asked Chiam was this - "can you produce 30,000 tons of synthetic acetone so we can manufacture cordite gunpowder?" Turns out he could, and became a national hero as he helped England to win the war. When asked what he wanted for his services, he said that he wanted a "national homeland for my people." So the Balfour Declaration was issued in November of 1917, to create what would become the newly reconstituted land of Israel...but there was a bump in the road.

The British also wanted to curry favor with the Arabs living in the region, and Jewish immigratrion was greatly reduced. As Hitler started cranking up his holocaust hell-holes in 1938, Jews begged the British for permission to escape to Palestine, but were refused. When Israel finally became a nation again in 1948, Great Britian had opposed her at every turn because Britian had forgotten that God had promised the Land of Israel to the Jews forever. The end result was that Great Britian would soon fall from it's standing, and never again from that day to this be a Super Power on the world stage. Britian forgot that God had promised Abraham that He would "them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." England soon found out exactly what it meant to be cursed by God. *source - "The Fall and Rise of Israel, Hull. Zondervan"

The German Reich

Hitler amassed a military force that almost accomplished his goal of taking over the world. And no other military or politcal leader can equal him for hatred of the Jews. His systematic plan to kill all Jews everywhere nearly succeeded, with a full 50% of the worldwide Jewish population put to death in one of Germany's many death camps. Too bad Hitler never read Genesis 12:3, for had he done so he would have seen the end of those who curse the Jews.

For all his bluster, Hitler actually helped to recreate the modern state of Israel.

When Germany fell to the Allied Invasion in 1945, Berlin was a smoldering, ruinious heap. When the world found out what he had done to the Jews, there was a public cry and outrage never before seen. Sympathy for what the Jews had gone through created an environment where the biblical propheies of Israel being regathered in the last days could come true. In the end it was the Jews that were blessed by returning to theri homeland, Israel, and it was Hitler who was cursed.






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