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Blucifer welcomes you to Denver

Looks closely into the eyes of this crazed, demon-possessed horse, and you tell me if you feel all warm and fuzzy as you drive into the Denver International Airport (DIA).

A 'nearly Satanic' creation

If you have visited DIA recently you have had the opportunity to take in the city's latest art acquisition, the big blue horse.

Two years ago a part of the beast fell on Mr. Jimenez in his studio injuring him fatally. The memories of my Judeo-Christian, God-fearing upbringing may have faded over the years but I am a firm believer in signs and they don't come much clearer than this one; maybe the City of Denver just wasn't meant to have an off-color stallion gracing the entry to its world class airport.

Metallic azure is certainly appropriate for a mustang as long as it has four wheels and a big engine. On a sculpture it makes you worry about what else the artist might have had in mind.

Its nostrils and mane flare maniacally as if it senses a lightning storm in the area. Then there are the eyes, red, penetrating and of all things, illuminated. They glare from the darkness while the entire piece is lit from below. The overall effect is disturbing if not downright frightening.

All that's missing is Ichabod Crane hanging on waving his hat. If you are superstitious you could take this as a sign that you should possibly reconsider boarding that fuel-laden, 500 mph, 100 ton, plastic and aluminum airship.

Its location is also troublesome; the median of the access road just as it turns into the airport (or conversely just as you are leaving, turning west on Pena Boulevard). Coming in you may first notice it on the horizon a mile or so away. As you get closer the color becomes apparent and then you see the eyes. They appear almost satanic.

Most public art is meant to be approached and respectfully contemplated from some nearby vantage point. That's not possible with this work. Its location along a road to a major U.S. airport makes it strictly verboten.

If you slow down you risk being rear-ended by some business person wringing the last minutes out of the day before getting on a plane to Fresno. God forbid you should stop to gawk. Homeland Security will be all over you like a cheap white shirt. "Why did you park here, don't you know it's illegal?"

"I'm just admiring the sculpture."

"How do we know you're not surveilling it?"


"You know, getting the layout as part of plot to blow it up."

"Yeah, I see your point."

So this must be in the category of drive-by art, meant to be appreciated out of the corner of your eye in heavy traffic at 60 miles per hour. As a footnote, for visitors to our fair city leaving the airport the spectacle is muted. The thing faces the other direction and the lighting favors the front side. They are treated to an unexpected large blue horse's patoot.

Controversial projects often die in the concept stage. If they survive through budget approval they get a life of their own and become difficult to stop. In the case of the blue bear at the convention center (what is it with our fascination for outsized blue creatures), it was a good thing. The big lug peeking curiously through the glass is whimsical, fun not so with a 35 foot high crazed-looking steed.

In 1992 Mayor Webb was just starting his 12 year reign and perhaps someone convinced him that a rearing horse would be a legacy piece. It might well be, just not quite what he had in mind.
source - Denver Post

The suitcase gargoyle

Are you starting to see the spirit that is alive and operating at the Denver Airport?

Everywhere you look, there are what seem to be purposeful reminders of evil, of darkness, a foreboding of unpleasant things to come.

Its as if the planner and builders of the airport were on purpose trying to create a place hopelessness, confusion, and of outer darkness.

They have succeeded.


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"For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known."
Luke 12:2

Hiding in very plain sight

The most amazing thing about the Denver International Airport (DIA) is not that it is filled to the brim with very freaky occultic symbols everywhere you look, it's that it is everywhere you look. Instead of trying to hide them, or be clever about it, these works of darkness are on bold display, daring you to figure them out. And there is no question of any kind that all these symbols do indeed tell a story that is yet to be realized. The story of an evil, tragic holocaust. Do I have your attention?

If the Masonic logo sitting right above the 'New World Airport Commision' doesn't grab your attention, then what will?

The satanic nature of the Masons is well-known, and we shall not go into that here in this article. (if you would like to learn about Freemasonry, click here for an excellent introduction.) But what I would like to call your attention to is what is written right under the Masons logo. It reads "New World Airport Commission." Not only does it sound like a name created by conspiracy theorists, the other startling fact is that the 'New World Airport Commission' doesn't seem to exist. Anywhere. Except where it is written here on the capstone.



Anubis, the Egyptian god of the Dead

With all the planes crashes, high-level security intimidation, and the constant threat of terrorist attacks, you would think that the last thing you would want to see before getting on an airplane would be a statue invoking the spirit of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead.

This airport is absolutely sending you a message, are you receiving it?


A colorful airport mural of the coming world holocaust

Now, this is where it gets freaky, and I mean like chills-down-your-spine freaky. I will show you some of the panels from the main mural inside the airport, and you can make up your own mind.

Panel #1: The lord of Death killing the dove of peace

A long, long trail of mothers holding dead babies in their arms, many more lying dead on the ground, as a faceless, evil warlord holds a huge sword and a machine gun, thrusting the sword into the belly of the white dove of peace. Notice, too, that the evil warlord doing the killing is a military soldier, a reference to the coming United States police state perhaps? Notice the symbol of the radical Gay Agenda, a multi-colored rainbow, as the banner under which this madman is slaughtering people.

What would be the message here other than a warning of a coming holocaust of unimaginable proportion. In any event, why are these images used if not to send a meesage of somekind? The mural clearly is telling the viewer a story of some kind, and it is absolutely one of deeply-disturbed horror. This imagery would be considered far too graphic to be on the wall of a prison that would house the most violent of offenders. So why is it used in an airport where families, friends and neighbors go to fly to be with their loved ones?


Panel #2: Solar flares of the Apocalypse

Click image to see full size! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Children buried in coffins underneath, while on top above ground a solar fire storm rages. Everyone in this mural is either terrified, dead, or looking to do someone else harm. Do the flames make hidden reference to the sun burning up the earth as in the Mayan 2012 calendar predictions, or a reference to the devastation caused by nuclear bombs exploding?

Again I ask you - why are these images in an airport?


Panel #3: Worshipping the gods of the Hindus

This panel shows all the peoples of the world, perhaps those who have lived the horrific bloodshed depicted in the first two panels, worshipping what looks like a Hindu god of some kind. Everything is very New Age and multicultural, like a New World Order where one is all and all are one.


Obviously, something is very, very wrong here at the Denver International Airport. It is filled with symbols of the occult, of the Devil, and put all together they seem to urging the viewer to 'figure it out.' It like the crime scene for a crime yet to be perpetrated.

Is it a coded message of a coming holocaust of unimaginable proportions? Could this be connected to the FEMA camps which are now being built across America to house Americans that refuse to go along with the coming New World Order? What is it???

We did our job in bringing you this story. Now, you decide what it means.


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