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The International Jew

"When there is something wrong in this country, you'll find the Jews"
- Henry Ford

Henry Ford and the Jews

A visitor to Nazi Party headquarters in Munich in the winter of 1922 would have immediately observed a large table covered with copies of the German edition of The International Jew by
Henry Ford, and a framed photograph
of the industrialist-author hanging on Adolf Hitler's office wall.

Born on July 30, 1863, Henry Ford was raised on a prosperous farm near Dearbornville, Michigan. His early intellectual growth was dominated by
The McGuffey Reader, a popular schoolbook featuring Shakespeare's Shylock, and traditional scriptural interpretations condemning Jews for not accepting Jesus Christ as the son of God.

Countless young people of the Populist era absorbed these stereotypical messages but never embraced rabid antisemitism. Henry Ford was different.
The same formidable will power and organizational instincts that led to Ford's renown and success as the inventor of the automobile assembly line, the same obsessive determination and singular focus that created the Ford Motor Company, resulted in the destructive mass production of hate.

With America heading into World War I, Ford's media campaign took off, and continued well into the 1930s, as he published The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, The International Jew, and, for ninety-one consecutive weeks, an uninterrupted series of venomous essays in The Dearborn Independent. Declaring "I know who caused the war," Henry Ford became ever more convinced that these "parasites, these sloths and lunatics...apostles of murder," the "German-Jewish bankers" were liable for society's ills. source -neilbaldwinbooks

The Independent
The Jewish Question

An exerpt from "The International Jew"
series by Henry Ford -

"The Jewish Question has existed for a long time, as the Jew knows and admits, and is a consequence of certain un-Jewish, or rather un-Israelitish ideas held by Jewish persons of power. The disability under which the Jew labors is that he is not a Jew, properly speaking, and does not desire to be. Just at that point is the soil and the root of the Jewish Question.

Regarded by itself, as a separate entity, the Jewish Power is most impressive. International Jews today occupy literally every controlling lever of power. Building up for centuries, perfecting their teamwork from generation to generation, from country to country, they have practically reached the summit. Nothing but the Christian religion remains unvanquished by them, though through false "liberalism" even that has felt the Jewish assault.

So great is this power that the very knowledge of it kills hope that any movement can ever dislodge it. Earnest, honest men have walked around it, surveyed it, measured its strength, and have given up the dream of changing it. In Russia they tried to segregate it, but while segregation went on from one side, infiltration proceeded from the other, and even the "anti-Semitic" Russian Government was honey-combed with Jews, as the end showed."

The International Jew

"In Germany they endeavored to vote
the Jewish power out of politics, only to find the root deep-set in finance—and
no country has yet attacked the sacred image of gold. In England the policy of absorption was adopted, and the result
is that wherever a Jew was put in power the British Empire has reaped trouble, in Ireland, in India, in Palestine, the present vice-regents of all these possessions being Jews. Other little countries, exasperated beyond endurance, tried violence, and failed just as miserably as the others.

Yet the false idea that the Jews constitute All Israel has penetrated the Christian consciousness to an alarming extent, so that when the Jewish press insists, as it does every week, "We gave you your God, we gave you your Bible, we gave you your Christ," even Christian ministers cannot find an answer. The answer is that the Old Testament is nine-tenths an Israelitish book, and not a Jewish book.

Abraham was not a Jew; Isaac was not a Jew; Jacob was not a Jew; Moses was not a Jew; Joshua was not a Jew; Gideon was not a Jew; Samuel was not a Jew; even Esther and Mordecai were not Jews, but Benjamites; the majority of the prophets were not Jews, but Israelites. Upon the coming of Judah into power, in the persons of David and Solomon, the misrule was so great that Israel seceded, and the secession was sanctioned by the prophets. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ found his disciples in Galilee, far out of Judea, and of them there was but one, Judas, whose name indicates that he was a Jew. St. Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin, "the light tribe," which was left with Judah "for a light."
source - The Intl. Jew, Vol 4

The Protocols Of Zion
A few months after the series began, Ford's operatives introduced him to a Russian emigre, Paquita de Shishmareff. She showed Ford a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, now well-known as a malicious forgery created by the Russian czar's secret service at the turn of the century that purportedly recorded a series of lectures by a Jewish elder outlining a conspiracy to overthrow European governments. Ford passed the Protocols to Cameron, and the Independent turned its attention to bringing this "blueprint" for world domination to the public.

The Protocols Of The Meetings Of The Learned Elders Of Zion
The Independent charged that the national debt was Jewish-inspired to enslave Americans, and that German Jewish financier Paul Warburg had emigrated to America "for the express purpose of changing our financial system" by creating the Federal Reserve.

The paper labeled Jews an "international nation" which had an unfair advantage
in business over Christians, who relied
on individualism to get ahead. The paper even described American Jewish aid for oppressed Jews overseas as part of the conspiracy.
source - jewishvirtuallibrary.org

Read the archives:

Henry Ford, Adolph Hitler's Inspiration For Treatment Of Jews
How Henry Ford Helped To Create Auschwitz

"I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration" - Adolph Hitler, 1931

"When you think of Ford, you think of baseball and apple pie," said Miriam Kleinman, a researcher
with the Washington law firm of Cohen, Millstein and Hausfeld, who spent weeks examining records
at the National Archives in an attempt to build a Nazi slave labor case against the Dearborn-based company. "You don't think of Hitler having a portrait of Henry Ford on his office wall in Munich."

source - washingtonpost.com

Henry Ford was Hitler's inspiration
The entrance gate to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Nazi Germany, inspiried by Henry Ford

The Inspiration For Adolph Hitler's Treatment Of The Jews

Imagine for a moment, the absolute horror of the Nazi concentration camps during WWII. Imagine
the ovens that burned alive 11,000,000 victims, both Jew and gentile. Imagine the gas chambers
disguised as showers that suffocated the never-ending crowds of people stuffed in there to die.
Now imagine, if you can, that you are the person that inspired Adolph Hitler to conceive and then
carry this plan out. Can't do it? I don't blame you, I can't either. But American auto maker, Ford
founder Henry Ford was that inspiration for Hitler. How can this be, you say? It happened because
Henry Ford, millionare industrialist, was also a rabid Jew-hater, and started a newspaper to spread
his peculiar brand of antisemitism to the world at large.

Henry Ford's newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, was started in 1919 and it ran until 1927. He used that paper as his pulpit to inform the world that there was a "Jewish conspiracy to control the world." Ford blamed Jewish financiers for everything from starting WWI to conspiriing to undermine Ford Company sales policies. This is how it all began -

In 1918, Ford's closest aide and private secretary, Ernest G. Liebold, purchased an obscure weekly newspaper, The Dearborn Independent for Ford. The Independent ran for eight years, from 1920 until 1927, during which Liebold was editor. The newspaper published "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion," which was discredited by The Times of London as a forgery during the papers publishing run. The American Jewish Historical Society described the ideas presented in the magazine as "anti-immigrant, anti-labor, anti-liquor, and anti-Semitic." In February 1921, the New York World published an interview with Ford, in which he said "The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on." During this period, Ford emerged as "a respected spokesman for right-wing extremism and religious prejudice," reaching around 700,000 readers a month through his newspaper. source - en.wikipedia.com

Read an online copy of Henry Ford's "The International Jew"

Henry Ford Receives The Grand Cross of the German Eagle From Nazi Germany in 1938
In recognition of Ford's industrial prowess and his erstwhile labors against the many realms of Jewish perfidy, the Nazi government chose 1938 to recognize one of its most revered Americans.

And so on 30 July 1938, Ford celebrated his 75th birthday by receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the most important honor that Germany might offer a non-citizen.

He received the award -- a golden Maltese cross embraced by four swastikas -- in his office, joined by the German consuls from Cleveland and Detroit.

A longtime admirer of Ford's, Adolf Hitler sent a personal note of gratitude to be delivered at the ceremony. Signed on July 7, the parchment scroll warmly thanked Ford for his "humanitarian ideals" and his devotion, along with the German Chancellor, to "the cause of peace." Contrary to legend, the note mentioned nothing about Ford's genius in manufacturing cars; it was, rather, a gesture of ideological affinity.

source - edgeofthewest.wordpress.com

Along with the Protocols, anti-Jewish articles published by The Dearborn Independent also were released in the early 1920s as a set of four bound volumes, in a non-Ford publication in Weimar Republic Germany cumulatively titled The International Jew, the World's Foremost Problem. Vincent Curcio wrote of these publications that "they were widely distributed and had great influence, particularly in Nazi Germany, where no less a personage than Adolf Hitler read and admired them." Hitler, fascinated with automobiles, hung Ford's picture on his wall; Ford is the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf. Steven Watts wrote that Hitler "revered" Ford, proclaiming that "I shall do my best to put his theories into practice in Germany, and modeling the Volkswagen, the people's
car, on the model T. source - wikipedia.com

In 1938, 40,000 Nazis held meetings in New York. Don't believe it? Watch and see the PROOF!

"It was in 1922, Reuth writes, that Ford began channelling funds to the Nazi Party, having almost -certainly been "tapped up" as a prominent donor by either Hitler or one of his closest henchmen.
In 1938, five years after the Nazis rose to power, Ford received a special birthday present from Hitler. The Grand Cross of the Order of the German Eagle was the highest -honour the Reich could bestow on a foreigner. Ford proudly accepted it and never relinquished it - not even after Germany started the Second World War, not after America was attacked by Japan and Germany declared war on the US, not even after the full scale of the Holocaust was known." source - thefreelibrary.com

Here are some of the gems from Ford's "The International Jew":

If they insist that they "gave us our Bible" and "gave us our God" and "gave us our religion," as they do over and over again with nauseating superciliousness throughout all their polemic publications -- not a single one of these claims being true -- they must not grow impatient and profane while we complete the list of the real influences they have set at work in American life. - Chapter 2, 'Angles Of Jewish Influence'
The Jews are NOT "The Chosen People," though practically the entire Church has succumbed
to the propaganda which declares them to be so. The Jewish tinge of thought has of late years overspread many Christian statements, and the uninstructed clergy have proved more and more amenable to Jewish suggestion. - Chapter 2, 'The Churches and Jewry'
Jews have actually invaded, in person and in program, hundreds of American churches, with their subversive and impossible social ideals, and at last became so cocksure of their domination of the situation that they were met with the inevitable check. - Chapter 2, 'The Churches and Jewry'
Judah has begun the struggle. Judah has made the invasion. Let it come. Let no man fear it.
But let every a man insist that the fight be fair. Let college students and leaders of thought know that the objective is the regnancy of the ideas and the race that have built all the civilization we see and that promises all the civilization of the future; let them also know that
the attacking force is Jewish. - Chapter 2, 'Name The Enemy'
The Jew cannot go on forever fulfilling the role of suppliant for the world's humanitarianism, he must himself show that quality to a society which seriously suspects his higher and more powerful groups of exploiting it with a pitiless rapacity, which in its wide-flung and long-drawn-out distress may be described as an economic pogrom against a rather helpless humanity. -
Chapter 13, 'The Answer - Too Much Power!!'

These are just a few of the hundred's of quotes from Ford's book, which Hitler read while in jail in 1928. After reading The International Jew, Hitler remarked

"I shall do my best to put his theories (Ford's) into practice." And indeed he did just that.

You can clearly see that Hitler took Ford's work as his 'textbook', and from there he took the next
logical step and put these ideas of Ford's into action. The end result being the horrific concentration
camps which killed 6 million Jews, and 5 million gentiles. (This number does not take into account
the 55,000,000 soldiers who died fighting in the Hitler and Japanese-caused World War II.)

Ford's Theories Become Hitler's Realities  
Henry Ford gave America and the world the mass-produced automobile. He also inspired Hitler to
mass-produce hate and genocide on a level never seen before in human history. The efficiency in
which Hitler killed his victims happened at a rate akin to Ford's cars being produced on the assembly

"Have you driven a Ford lately?"


Aerial view of the Auschwitz concentration camp


Interior view of the Auschwitz concentration camp


Exterior view of the Auschwitz concentration camp



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