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NTEB PROPHECY NEWS PODCAST: The Global Elites Behind ‘Build Back Better’ And The ‘Great Reset’ Now Openly Calling For Creation Of New World Order

On this episode of the NTEB Prophecy News Podcast, we bring you all the notable highlights, or should we say lowlights, of what went on over the past few days at the World Government Summit. The elites feel quite confident that the two past years of damage inflicted on the global population by the Plannedemic has created the fertile ground needed to implement the New World Order.


Great Reset Promoter Klaus Schwab Says The Time Has Come For All World Governments To Unite And Take Control Of All Global Systems

Schwab also praised the World Government Summit as a place for governments to “go beyond crisis management,” while adding, “In times of crisis, the role of governments is more important and more relevant than ever.” Referencing the globalists’ everlasting crisis of choice — climate change — Schwab said globally interconnected challenges required global, collaborative responses at a supra-governmental level. The WEF itself has never been shy to predict its own role in an evolving world. Schwab even wrote a book celebrating the coronavirus pandemic not as a crisis but an opportunity for a ‘new normal.’