Saddleback Church in Orange County, California, home to super-pastor Rick Warren (Obama inauguration, Purpose Driven Life, etc.) has joined forces with Southern California mosques to adopt a three-step plan...

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  • Where was this picture taken? Saddleback Church? If so it seems that this picture alone would create skepticism about Warren’s response. According to the words on the screen there is a partnership between Saddleback Church and Muslim Community. Also there are strong implications that our “sacred texts” speak of the same God.

  • Where can I see a copy of this document? Many people I talk about this with say, “Well, that’s how your right-wing maniacs say, but that’s not what it really says.” Of course, when I ask them what it says, they can’t tell me. That’s how the left-wing maniacs always act, isn’t it?

  • Is that too judgmental?

  • And America laughed at Jack Van Impe when he said it would happen!
    Even So; Come quickly.

  • Act? thirsty my niggas XD

  • Yes Allah and God are same; Word Aloheem had four singulars one of them is Allah. Yes I agree the teaching of Quran are againt the teaching of bible but God is same.

    • Brenda

      that could not be further from the truth!! the Allah of the Muslims in not the same Allah of the Bible. It would be like saying everyone named Paul are the same person. Read Matthew 24

    • glasshappy

      Jesus said a house divided against itself cannot stand. You say the teaching of the Quran and the teachings of the Bible are against each other. If as you hint at it is the same god, wouldn’t then your “god” be divided against himself?

    • Vítor

      The devil wants to be worshiped as God is. Don’t be mistaken: it can be the same divinity presiding the Bible and the Quran, one of them is true, the other is false. I know Who’s the true one. It seems you don’t. So, keep searching.

  • Sandy Conners

    If this is true it’s very sad.My God sent his Son who died on the cross in my place so I could have a relationship with my God. NO ONE goes to the Father except through Him (Jesus). If we worship the same God why did God come down in the form of man (Jesus) to die a horrific death if I could be saved by believing in Him? What was the purpose if His death?

  • Wesley

    The purpose of his death was that ALL could ome to Him and in His name and aceptance recieve eternal life! Letrs trust Rick knows what he is doing, if so, he is doing a far greater job than probably all of us as he is influencing and befriending a huge number of muslims which could result in major salvation breakthrough! Before we judge the negative as always, lets look at the positive! He is doing what Jesus did best, befriend the so called enemy and be mocked for it, yet changed the lives of many! We are called to go into all the earth and make disciples, disciples are people that have accepted Christ and are now being trained and are growing people. A disciple is a taught one! Probably none of us here can say we have been afforded an opportunity where a muslim Imam would entertain us. So I say, if Rick is doing this with the motive of influencing them for Christ he must do it wisely and allow God to have full control! GO FOR IT! This is not the time to cry Come quickly Lord!” – But if you want him to come quickly then get your act together and start reaching the lost for Jesus because thats His promise, that as soon as every ear has heard the gospel then will He come!

  • Wesley

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