Putin Shrugs Off Pusillanimous Obama Warning By Moving Troops Into Ukraine

Russian troops moved into Crimea Friday, U.S. officials told Fox News, prompting Ukraine to accuse Russia of an “armed invasion.” At the White House, President Obama said the U.S....


Russian troops moved into Crimea Friday, U.S. officials told Fox News, prompting Ukraine to accuse Russia of an “armed invasion.”

At the White House, President Obama said the U.S. government is “deeply concerned” by reports of Russian “military movements” and warned any violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty would be “deeply destabilizing.”

“There will be costs” for any military intervention, he said, without specifying what those costs might be.

U.S. officials told Fox News they see “evidence of air and maritime movement into and out of Crimea by Russian forces” although the Pentagon declined to officially “characterize” the movement.

Agence France Press quoted a top Ukranian official as saying Russian aircraft carrying nearly 2,000 suspected troops have landed at a military air base near the regional capital of the restive Crimean peninsula.

“Thirteen Russian aircraft landed at the airport of Gvardeyskoye (near Simferopol) with 150 people in each one,” Sergiy Kunitsyn, the Ukrainian president’s special representative in Crimea, told the local ATR television channel, according to AFP. source – Fox News

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  • J

    Putin is history and it’s his opportunity to grow up and vamoose. Get your own people back to work like the rest of the world and have some decency!

  • Entire Ukrainian Navy Resigns: Report Unconfirmed By Ukrainian Ministry Of Defense – We Could Be At War By 5 AM!!!

    Go to the five minute mark of the video.

  • Some news organizations seem to be blocking these reports coming in from the Ukrainian on this event. Here is a preliminary report on Before Its News.

  • See Putin doesn’t listen to gays at all.

  • According to this just released video from Dahboo77, Russia has just announced war with the Ukraine. Will this soon lead to WW3?

  • Sorry for more bad news! They are saying its official. It’s been announced! Russian Vice admiral announced beginning of war with Ukrainian over Crimea!

  • Well Pastor, you may be right about the 4 Tetrad Blood moons. This could be the beginning of something BIG! 🙁 The situation seems to be getting worse as this possible global war plays itself out. We are definately living in the end times.

  • Engr: Its going to be a very short war!

  • ENGR: blame NASA and Pastor Blitz for the Blood Moons?

  • Engr: Remember what Ron Murphy said about the 4 Blood Moons, it was just a fairy tales?

  • I’m a rootin for putin . yeap Osurper you pos mule eared looser…..

  • I will strongly advice the President to watch out before any action. Putin is in for game and he will lose.

  • Funny, No mention of Sen John McCain providing aid, comfort and abetting the neo-Nazi organization running the whole uprising just like he did with the Al Qaida scum in Syria.

  • This may also go against Israel. Ezekiel chapters 38-39. Russia and America will fall, then antichrist arises. Lets look up and expect Jesus to take us before the fire.

  • I Dont see why we should intervene at all.. the Ukrainian movement was all a ploy for the us anyway the video with the chick was proven to have been published via by the usa we shouldn’t join the war and as far as obama he just needs to be purged from the usa internally.

  • Well, this was expected. And obama is not a leader, and Putin knows that obama is just a sweet boy in girly clothes. Maybe a real man, like a real General in the US Military will help. But, my understanding is that all of the real Military men have been fired and only more sweet boys appointed by obama are left.

  • Prophey Bumie: You like to wage a bet? No way Putin going to lose? Your really funny, Ha-Ha!

    You need to read God’s Prophecies, like Ezekiel Chapter 38 & 39 Russia is Magog who attacks Israel, so if Russia going to lose against Ukraine, then it would be impossible for the Magog War to occur?

  • Jeff: You jumping the gun before you shoot the gun. You need to follow prophecy more closely, 1st Psalms 83 occurs then Isaiah 17:1 or vice verses. Then the Magog War occurs, then the Antichrist appears on world stage

  • Our Sodomite President is all mouth and a big
    punk. He will do NOTHING !

  • Dear command Putin, As an American I must warn you that war is a bad bad thing. If you only knew how you have affected Anglo Saxon pro Putin Russia Americans, you might thing twice. America lacks heroes. Unfortunately world war three will solve nothing. I personally believe that you are, and can be a great leader for the truth and lead the world to Harmony.

    Blood shed makes a great headline but peace resonates though out the world. You are a great man. Does history make you a villain? Come to America and be great! Be the Mystro that you are and show American politicians what fools they are. I will be there. Please no more killing.
    Peace be with you.

  • Pastor LaRUE,
    You forgot the Horendous 1Hr Destruction of the Harlot, America (Daughter of Babylon/Mystery Babylon) who has led the whole World Astray by her Wanton Lust!
    Which begins Trib.

  • Obama is picking the wrong man to threaten. Putin is a strong leader who loves his country. He is a strong man who is not in love with himself. What would Obama use against Putin? Obama has decimated the finest and greatest military force that ever existed. He has destroyed the moral of our troops, he is robbing them to support illegal aliens, he is spitting in the faces of our vets, and does not protect our diplomats. Also, our troops in combat zones are not allowed loaded weapons. That means that they are easier to kill. That makes Obama’s day since he hates our military anyway. Putin won’t give into the likes of Obama. Putin sees what Obama is doing to the U.S. and he sees that Obama supports barbaric terrorists and that he has these monsters within the U.S. Government. Why would Obama think that he could threaten Putin? He’s dealing with former KGB. It’s not going to work because Obama is not a leader. He is a puppet and a pesky fly to Putin. Now if Regan was President, then Putin would have pause and with good reason. Our troops had a strong Commander-in-Chief who earned and deserved the highest respect from military and civilian alike. There are 3 men now who have what it takes to command such respect and loyalty and they are Cruz, West, and Carson. Pray that one of these men will be our next president
    . Obama would do well not to antagonize Putin. Our sons and daughters don’t deserve to get killed for the likes of someone who is turning the country over to Islamic terrorists. Our politicians and our media have sold this wonderful Country out. God bless and protect our troops and our vets.

  • http://blogs.christianpost.com/guest-views/debunking-the-russia-war-of-gog-and-magog-myth-8754/

    Check this out LaRue , and tell me what you think. It’s an article from the Christian Post. About Gog and Magog
    I would be interested in knowing Mr. Lindsey’s understanding on this one! Wouldn’t you

  • TIME MAGIZINE,……Americas FIRST gay president,supreme court all queers,Justice department,all queers,US military at the pentagon ALL queers,O’YEA PUTIN is scared to death,he’ll have to fight an bunch of queers,I sure hope they don’t want to have sex with his special forces,THEIR ALL ALPHA MALES,he’ll kill everyone in our military and government,OH ,the pain of it all,no more queers in government ,oh the pain of it all………………..

  • I like Putin because he is standing up to that socialist homosexual Obama and the international community . Hey Obama, Watch a MAN at work ! Vladimir Putin .

  • And why should he fear big old bag of wind ovomit? Which he knows is all talk and no action!!! 🙁

  • Dan: Hal Lindsey spoke of Ezekiel Chapter 38 & 39 where Russia is spoke of as the country in the far noth of Israel. As Russia trying to get control of Ukraine being the country of far north of Israel. And Russia has close ties with Iran, so I still believe Russia is the country in Ezeliel Chapter 38 & 39.

    Sorry I been in the hospital for Stomach Flu and I just return from the hospital for a second visit from pain in my right leg.

  • I’ve only just read this message. I have asked this question in another post. But still you are not helping my point about Russia . There is proof that gog is Turkey not Russia ,

    You need to stop eating that rancid goat meat. It’s bad for you ! lol That pain in your leg may be a tumor I’d have the leg removed just to be safe .. You all the best doctors there lol

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  • The Truth about RT Host Liz Wahls resignation


  • @ J, So Obama has put Americans back to work ? like the EU ? nonsense, look at the massive unemployment in the EU . What planet do you live on ? certainly not earth . Also anyone with half a brain fully realizes the TRUE unemployment numbers from the U.S. Labor department were fixed by the Obama regime . how naive .

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