Obama To Pass Torch Of Promoting Globalization To Hillary Clinton At North Carolina Rally

Mr. Obama road-tested his pitch over the last two weeks in two friendly venues: Silicon Valley and Canada. This week, he will take the case to North Carolina, a swing state that has been hard hit by the forces of globalization, and to a NATO meeting in Poland, where the alliance members will grapple with the effects of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, known as Brexit.

When President Obama travels to North Carolina and Europe this week, he will press an argument that could define foreign policy in the last six months of his presidency: that Americans and Europeans must not forsake their open, interconnected societies for the nativism and nationalism preached by Donald J. Trump or Britain’s Brexiteers.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Make no mistake about it, a vote for Hillary is absolutely a vote for Obama’s third term. Obama’s real legacy is his contribution to the New World Order, and this is what Hillary will inherit work to promote should she be elected president. 

President Barack Obama and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will campaign together for the first time Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina. At a rally at the Charlotte Convention Center, Obama and Clinton “will discuss building on the progress we’ve made and their vision for an America that is stronger together,” her campaign said in a statement.

Obama, who formally endorsed Clinton’s campaign early last month, said at the time he was “fired up” and ready to campaign for his former secretary of state. “Fired up” is a catchphrase from the president’s own campaign eight years ago.

The campaign hopes to use the president’s appeal to motivate the party base to generate excitement for Clinton’s campaign. Obama and Clinton had planned to hold their first campaign event in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on June 15. The event was postponed following the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, on June 12.

In Warsaw, Mr. Obama will sit next to Britain’s lame-duck prime minister, David Cameron, whose political career was ended by his miscalculation over holding the referendum on European Union membership. But first, in Charlotte, N.C., he will campaign with Hillary Clinton, his former secretary of state and the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, who reversed her position on Mr. Obama’s Asian trade deal, formally called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, after many in her party turned sharply against free trade.

“President Obama has made a valiant attempt to build support for freer trade,” said Eswar S. Prasad, a professor of trade policy at Cornell University. “But the arguments in favor of free trade lack rhetorical and political resonance, especially amidst a heated political campaign.”

The case for ambitious trade deals, Dr. Prasad said, is that they allow the United States to set the rules for its dealings with other countries, and to wield greater geopolitical influence. Yet those arguments are easily overshadowed by the simple, if dubious, assertion that the losses to the American economy from these deals are greater than the benefits.

“Obama’s ability to sway the debate about free trade has been hampered by those in his own party feeling the heat from constituents who are up in arms about weak employment and wage growth,” Dr. Prasad said.White House officials said Mr. Obama would not hesitate to make a strong case for the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the campaign trail. But Josh Earnest, the press secretary, said the president’s remarks on Tuesday in Charlotte would probably focus more on areas where he and Mrs. Clinton agreed.

Then, in Europe, Mr. Obama may find a more receptive audience, given the deep misgivings over the British vote. “His timing is pretty good,” said David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to Mr. Obama. “If he arrived the week before, the party would have been rip-roaring. Now everybody is sitting there with an ice pack on their forehead. They might be ready to listen to some sensible advice.”The departure of Britain from the European Union is likely to have significant, if not immediate, effects on Europe’s security. Some experts express fear that it will weaken the response to Russian aggression in Ukraine, for example. At the Warsaw meeting, a senior administration official said, Mr. Obama plans to emphasize the need for the European Union to cooperate more closely with NATO.

This has long been a goal of the United States, but the exit of Britain from the union makes it more urgent, said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in advance of the NATO meeting. NATO and the European Union could collaborate in countering cyberattacks, coordinating military exercises and patrolling the central Mediterranean.

But Britain’s departure could pose problems for NATO. European diplomats said they expected France and Germany to consider closer military integration within the European Union — something Britain and the United States have resisted because they view it as competing with the alliance.

Mr. Obama spoke out publicly against a “leave” vote when he visited Britain in April, and the outcome of that debate was perhaps a harbinger of the challenges he faces in resisting antiglobalism at home. In his speeches, he emphasizes that leaders must recognize the fears and resentments that people feel because of economic dislocation.

“For them, globalization is inherently rigged toward the top 1 percent,” Mr. Obama said in an address to the Canadian Parliament. “I understand that vision. I know why it’s tempting.”

The problem, the president said, is that it is too late to turn back.

“Restricting trade or giving in to protectionism in this 21st-century economy will not work,” Mr. Obama said. “Even if we wanted to, we can’t seal ourselves off from the rest of the world. The day after Brexit, people looked around and said: ‘Oh! How is this going to work?’”

At times, it seems that Mr. Obama has suffered his own dislocation. In Ottawa on Wednesday, he took part in a news conference with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada and President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico that was dominated by questions about Mr. Trump and the British vote.

While Mr. Trudeau was talking about whether Canada would export morehydroelectric power to the United States, Mr. Obama began scribbling notes. When it was his turn to speak, he abruptly veered into a discussion of the meaning of populism, a term often used to describe the political appeals made by Mr. Trump or the pro-Brexit campaigners.

“I’m not prepared to concede the notion that some of the rhetoric that’s been popping up is populist,” Mr. Obama said. He described his own agenda as populist, in that he wanted to help ordinary people get economic opportunities, working mothers get child care and children get access to education. A candidate who has never worked on behalf of social justice or the interests of the poor, he said, could not be a populist.

“That’s not the measure of populism,” Mr. Obama said. “That’s nativism. Or xenophobia. Or worse.”

When he had finished, an obviously worked-up Mr. Obama apologized for the digression, saying that as he neared the end of his presidency, he felt entitled to go “on these occasional rants.”

The next day, Mr. Earnest was asked if the president planned any more of these rants. “Considering we’ve got another six and a half months to go before the end of the presidency,” he replied, “I think it’s likely we’re all going to get to enjoy at least one more.” source

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  • Corruption needs to end. It will happen. The people of North Carolina are not stupid. The people in England should be proud that they have taken steps to get their Country back. The Communism that was spread through the World will be exposed according to several experts.
    To the Press: Report the News!!!!!!!
    Your failure to report the crimes that these immigrants have committed have caused the crimes to flourish!!!

  • FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not sure I made myself clear about my mention of Presidents, but they have since G. Washington…always appointed, never elected…one of the biggest hoaxes, lies to ever be believed by a people on such a large scale and that is the charade of pretending to “elect” a President of the USA. They have and always will be appointed by blood, not vote. If the kaffir leaves the white house, then yes, Hildabeast will be President….unless an executive crisis is in the making to stay the elections as it were.

    • Are you going to vote mg or are you going to use your comment as excuse to sit at home and justify your not voting?

  • Joshua

    Thats the problem with 95% of “christians” in america, THEY DONT THINK!!! GOD the Holy Creator revealed in Acts & 1Thess you are to test everything! Any intelligent christian would know (or,come to know) that the usa has never been (fully,maybe 50% of the time of its existence) a christian nation, if so THE ONLY SACRED WRITING (the Bible) would be THE law of the land(and if this was so,there wont be the problem of muslim immigration,lgbt getting easy money from christians,etc)…no need for bill of rights,etc… All a christian gotta do is READ & CONTEMPLATE the entire canon (as stated in 2Timothy!)., and u would see clearly. if a christian go to the capitol(which means temple of zeus HINT HINT!!) U WOULD SEE many idols, many many many…wat does the God reveal about idols??? omg! He says there nothing but Demons (the entire Bible) which shows the nation is under,if not wholly,the influence of demons. This rapture (which isnt Biblical origin..meaning it originated outside Gods word): it clearly states at THE LAST TRUMPET. i repeat LAST TRUMPET (chapter 11 of Revelation)! Sunday (wayyy tooooo easy with this one) first God only gave a name to the 7th day no other day did He give a name Genesis…besides the fact that Is.,Ezk.,etc state in the NEW HEAVENS AND EARTH sabbath will be celebrated & the Sabbath reveals YHWH Self Existence (quite amazing)… but i diverse,cuz Yes im extremely frustrated that as christians we are not working as ONE BODY,1 UNIT at this pivitol moment while we got islam+lgbt=simple mined,im sorry THE FOOLS(Atheists) the Bible calls them that many times!,etc, soon going to destroy the last (GOD granted!) of,…how could i put it..maybe 3 nations that tolerate (to a certain extent) christians. One of the reasons is cuz 95% of christains have not attained to perfect knowledge, and cuz of our different beliefs (which God reveled in 1Cor chapter 3) is a sign that ur still a babe in Christ if u follow that line of thought(1John reveals the 3 levels of ALL christians babes-youth-then father/mature/complete/whole), we are not working together! If we were companies wouldnt dare to support lgbt in a nation thats filled with christians cuz they know they wont get any business, islam wouldnt want to come here from the start knowing how christains would treat them yes thats in 2John and Corithians, and many other places in Gods outstanding word…but the Scripture says this is going to happen. In the oracles of Apostle Peter he mentions under the guidance of the Holy Spirit the things every christian must HAVE so they wont be blinded,shortsighted. Right NOW every christian in the world, but especially in america (a name that means land of the plumed serpent aka Satan that ancient serpent) must become One with God, filled Completely with Jesus THE ONLY Christ, ( Gospel of John,etc) at a time where one of the few places our Holy Light has granted some freedom to His sons & daughters…we must,MUST stand together. But we gotta look at that man in the mirror (and i mean our character & KNOWLEDGE of things) and see,realize do they agree Totally with our Heavenly FATHER! And, both candidates are not christians, which is terrible when it sinks in that we cant find one,1 man in our huge nation, to even TRY(thats says alot) to get elected thats a Complete christian,hillary definetly aint even close, trump by his actions which Jesus states in Matthew, is either a babe in Christ or not a christian at all. And, im an africanamerican and i dont agree with nothing that…that,thats in office has done,but he was able to do it cuz christians in america are lazy(spiritually) & not a unit. they state in there dark secret society that they fear a person who trys to understand things so they keep the masses occupied, interested in nonfruitful crap(tv,sports,etc)…AND THEY SHOULD fear that, cuz that would only be a true christian! As our Shepard JESUS states we are one body…we need to move as one body…unity in Christ.

  • This Nation was dedicated to God and Jesus Christ by the Pilgrims the heart and thoughts of every Human Being needs to be subject to Jesus and His Finished Work. All have sinned. All are guilty. All need Jesus and His Finished Work on The Cross!!! Another good scripture, Geoffrey!! Proverbs 29:2 hits right to the point!!

  • Please ask the people of North Carolina to make signs”Benghazi”. Do not let the Americans who were deserted and lost their lives to have died in vain. They died on the Democratic Presidency!!

  • Pure melanin

    I can’t recall any time this was a true Christian nation. Maybe on a individual scale…. Americas treachery knows no boundaries

  • Very informative!!! God bless the USA!!! LAND THAT I LOVE – STAND BESIDE HER AND GUIDE HER … <3


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