New York City To Launch ‘All-Seeing’ Human Tracking Surveillance System

The NYPD says it will launch an all-seeing "Domain Awareness System" that combines several streams of information to track both criminals and potential terrorists. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says...
New York City launches the 'all-seeing' human surveillance system to monitor everyone, not just the terrorists.

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The NYPD says it will launch an all-seeing “Domain Awareness System” that combines several streams of information to track both criminals and potential terrorists. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says the city developed the software with Microsoft.

New York City launches the ‘all-seeing’ human surveillance system to monitor everyone, not just the terrorists.

The program combines city-wide video surveillance with law enforcement databases, according to Kelly.

The Domain Awareness System will include technology deployed in public spaces as part of the counterterrorism program of the NYPD counterterrorism bureau, including: NYPD-owned closed circuit television cameras, license plate readers, and other undisclosed domain awareness devices.

Kelly said the system will be officially unveiled by Mayor Michael Bloomberg sometime this week. Commissioner Kelly announced the program before an audience at the Aspen Security Forum in Aspen, Colo. over the weekend.

The NYPD has been heavily criticized for using surveillance in Muslim communities and partnering with the Central Intelligence Agency to track potential terror suspects.

Muslim groups have protested and sued to stop the NYPD programs.

Kelly says the policies were essential to halting 14 terrorism plots against the city since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

According to previous information released about the software system:

The Domain Awareness System is a counter-terrorism tool designed to:

• Facilitate the observation of pre-operational activity by terrorist organizations or their agents
• Aid in the detection of preparations to conduct terrorist attacks
• Deter terrorist attacks
• Provide a degree of common domain awareness for all Stakeholders
• Reduce incident response times
• Create a common technological infrastructure to support the integration of new security technology

source – Fox News NY

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  • Welcome Big Brother.

  • Terrorism is in the eyes of the beholder,

    If you declare Gods Word to be true, you might be a terrorist.

  • david

    Another announced need for expansion of the electronic cage of the developing one world government. Satan is a control freak, since he cannot be omnipresent. The terrorism reason is of course completely false. THERE ARE NO TERRORISTS, save those created by this spread of evil.

  • Victor

    Yes this is yet another sign of the end times, the Rapture of all (only) born-again Christians is very near, this also confirms that we are living in the 11th hour! “come Lord Jesus come”

    • One of my favorite verses in the Scriptures, ” Revelation 22:7 “Behold, I come quickly; blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book” and Revelation 22:20,”Surely I come quickly.”

  • Well the people responsible for this don’t even know that they are all working for “Satan the deceiver”, they are taking away our freedom little by little, but Christ Jesus has set us (born again Christians) free from Satan and free the powers and Authorities of this world. Once again don’t be alarmed when all these things happen, it’s the end times!

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