Islamic Auto Assault Identical To Lakeisha Holloway’s Attack In Las Vegas Happened Exactly One Year Ago In France

On the exact same night when Lakeisha N. Holloway was running people over with her car in front of the Paris Casino in Las Vegas, another driver in France was doing the exact same thing with his car.

At least 11 people were wounded when a motorist rammed his car into  a number of crowds in the city of Dijon in eastern France. The driver was heard shouting “Allahu Akbar”

Talk about an amazing coincidence. When NTEB first learned the news that Lakeisha N. Holloway committed an act of vehicular terrorism, we immediately connected it with Islamic terrorism due to an eyewitness account that she shouted “allahu akbar” while behind the wheel of her deadly assault vehicle. We also took a lot of heat for that story because we were one of the only news outlets to take that stand. Then today we learned this.

On the same night, one year prior in 2014, when Lakeisha N. Holloway was running people over with her car in front of the Paris Casino in Las Vegas, another driver in France was doing the exact same thing with his car. Naturally, the liberal news media did not take the time to connect the two, so take a look at this:

At least 11 people were wounded Sunday when a motorist rammed his car into  a number of crowds in the city of Dijon in eastern France. The driver was arrested by police after targeting passersby at five different locations in the city, a police source said. The driver, who authorities believe to be mentally unstable, was heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” and “that he was acting for the children of Palestine,” a source close to the investigation said. “The man, born in 1974, is apparently imbalanced and had been in a psychiatric hospital,” the source told AFP, adding that “for now his motives are still unclear.” The source said nine people were lightly injured while two more were severely wounded. source

Holloway’s terror-by-auto attack in Las Vegas, as horrific as it was, was dumped by the media after only one news cycle. Las Vegas police say they do know why she did it but at this time are refusing to release that information. And not a single source on CNN, NBC, FOX or any of the others connected the Las Vegas attack with the identical terror-by-auto attack in France in 2014. Also, keep in mind where Holloway was when she did the bulk of her damage, she was out in front of the Paris Casino in Las Vegas.

So, no, we will not “issue a retraction” of our Lakeisha Holloway story, not even close. What we will do, however, is issue our demand for a full investigation into both attacks and find the common ground between the two. Things like this do not happen “by accident”. It is our belief that their is a conspiracy to intentionally hide the facts in the Las Vegas attack, to prevent the public from connecting it to the identical attack that happened the same day, a year prior, in France.

If you know anything about the how’s and why’s of Islamic terror attacks, then you know that jihadi terrorists are very big on dates, anniversaries and the hidden symbolic meanings when planning their attacks. Their large targets are usually chosen very carefully and deliberately.


NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.

  • Tracey

    Gun restrictions, soon it’ll be driving and car restrictions.Driving cars into people works so very well as a terror tactic, ask the people of Israel. So car attacks in Israel, a car attack in San Bernardino and now France! I wonder what the common denominator is, besides the cars of course? Could it be that all the that these maniacs are shouting Allahau Akbar!?

    • “Could it be that all the that these maniacs are shouting Allahau Akbar!?”
      LOL, Yeah, that’s the big clue that people don’t won’t to see !
      The two attacks are near identical, even the response from the police.

  • Mike Boll

    I am confused. Your story states that the events happened on the same exact night, however the “Breaking News” link is dated one year ago (December 21, 2014). I do not doubt that the event happened, but did they actually happen on the same day or one year earlier?

    • As the story states, it was one year prior on the exact date….

      • Jeryl

        Keep up the great work! Whether the local law enforcement officials label it an even of Muslim terrorism, it was.

  • Oops

    Tweets are from 2014, not this year. Lol

    • Yes, that’s the WHOLE POINT of the article 🙂

      • Jimmy

        Tomorrow’s not promised

  • Mike Boll

    Never mind… I need to work on my reading comprehension, I guess!

  • aka Glory

    I agree with you on this one Geoffrey, and when I heard it on news I immediately thought of Jihad. Doing more research into Islamic religion and connected it with my findings and the danger of ALL WHO ARE TO DEVOTED TO QUR’AN: practices from the Qurayshan Arabic violent tribes and Nabatean at Petra who worshipped god Dushara and goddess Al-uzza. These ancient pagan religions used the exact same kaaba “GOD BLOCK” that is in Mecca/Makka with history going back to Moabites and ancient Mesopotamia and Zoroastrianism.

    Look those groups up and the Hindu Lord Vikramaditya’s Kaaba Temple to Hubal, to the moon god, Baal, the exact same kaaba temple used in Mecca. His sanskrit inscriptions are on the inside walls of the mosque in Mecca. ( Crescent Moon is used on all Mosques and flags to replace statues of Hubal / Baal, which were on top of all Hindu Mosques. The crescent moon is THE IDOL replacement of statue of Hubal, the dominant head statue worshipped for many centuries, above god Allah, prior to Muhammad taking it down off the roof. Muhammad had his new group of followers remove the statues of Hubal off top of Hindu fertility LINGAM mosques coverting them from.Hinduism to the new religion of Islam. A copycat of Old Vedic Hinduism. Allah was the Old Name used for Shiva. See crescent moon in hair of Hindu Shiva and trance meditation position used by Musims. (Vatican has same lingam shapes, altars, kisses foot of black stone statue of St. Peter, taken from Rome, the statue of Jupiter, and Crescent Moon inside the monstrace that holds communion wafer host -representing FULL DISC OF SUN to Queen Ishtar). Ah how clever of Romans, disguising the Hindu lingam worship to Allah, now called Shiva, at the altar every service.

    Allah, arabic, just another generic term for the word god, like Theos in Greek or God in English. The name of Allah has no power to heal or cast out demons, like the Name of JESUS, the only NAME WITH POWER as He is the Only God and none are beside him. The Lord Shiva, of the Hindu Trimurti, Trinity, used to be called Allah. Now mascot to CERN, another adaptation design of Hindu Fertility Lingam, SEE Google images, under ” Atlas building”. Inventors of WWW.

    The Vedas Hindu fertilty kaaba Lingam, worship to black meteorite stones. See Shiva Stones on google images. Ancient Vedic Hindus also worshipped and kissed black meteorite stones/ broken rocks, in India for 1000s years before Muhammad. Today the use of FERTILITY SEXUAL Hindu Lingam altars and water/milk are very common. The opening into the Kaaba in Mecca was originally used as an altar for human child sacrifices or 10-100 camels. Muhammad himself was almost used as a child sacrifice by his grandfather. The Muslim religion has copied all ancient Vedas Hindu practices, robes, pilgrimages, fasting, lunar calendar, lingam altars(mosques shape), chants, black stone worship, circumambulate 7 times, 5 pillars

    In 629 AD, Muhammad went into ancient Vedas Indian Kaaba Temple in Mecca, (a huge trade center where the city collected money from world pilgrimages to Hubal for centuries), took down all 360 Old Hindu statues for each day of the year housed in “niches” inside the ancient Hindu kaaba temple. He just saved statue of ALLAH, who transcends back and forth as a male god LORD SHIVA or female goddess called Allat. Question ? are those broken pieces preserved behind the glass of the woman’s womb on side of kaaba now moved to outside location and changed into the ancient Babylonian practice of rectangular GOD BOXES were used for Hindu worship before Muhammad?

    Also the Babylonian Altar to ISHTAR female goddess, the GATES of ISHTAR are 1000 miles from Mecca in Saudi Arabia. A 17 hour and 33 min., drive from Mecca. ISHTAR IS THE “STAR” on the Islamic flag. Also name Catholics adopted for Easter. Goddess of fertility, eggs, bunnies, = Hindu,/ Mecca sexual fertily LINGAM shape and altar. See google images. You can still see the Gates of Ishtar monument on Google maps of Mecca. See pics of GOD RECTANGULAR FACELESS BOXES that used to line the path to her temple.

  • Roxanne

    Jeff – it’s FALSE FLAGS, JEFF. It’s deliberate and planned.

    • Yep, I agree. Right now, I have this guy from Las Vegas emailing me, and trying very hard to get me to stop writing on this topic. Guess we hit a nerve.

      • aka Glory

        Keep posting. When we get a report, listen carefully about how much money drops into family acct. To pay for the Islamic Pillar 3. Charity to the Jihadist. Remember the woman was posting her pictures of proof on Facebook to show what she did for Jihad, to appease Allah. Then she jumped into car with more bombs to do it all over again. Until the police caught up with them. They said their home was a pipe bomb factory. They dont care about human lives, because they see it as a human sacrifice to Allah. Pillar #3. A hadith commandment to kill others. Evil, evil, evil. In the Name of JESUS, help them find ACTS salvation. There I said it.

      • aka Glory

        Post post post, keep posting, maybe he will get saved…from Islamism, if he is one.

  • aka Glory

    Part Two:
    #1 I learned in 2007 from live interview of young men Jihad prisoners stated that the family of the suicidal killer is always paid large sum of money $25,000!!!
    #2 The suicide Jihad couple in California this past month received $28,000 electronic deposited into checking account one week before killing, which would go to the Muslim grandmother and baby. CONTINUE See what else I discovered …
    Islamic Muslim religion each person is commanded to do 5 PILLARS OF ISLAM.
    1- Faith;2-Pray 5x’s day; 3-Charity;4-Fasting 11th lunar month (like Vedas Hindu); 5- Hajj, pilgrimage to Mecca GOD BOX, walk around 7x’s, like Vedas Hindu except counter clockwise.
    Hadith is commandment in Islam and they are COMMANDED to do this each person
    **Look at PILLAR no. 3 in Qur’an 2541: in particular: RULES ON CHARITY: called SADAQAH, ZAKAT, It is belonging to a “fraternity” of giving. It is a religious DUTY. It will protect the tribe from Anger of Allah and avert fire or death for your family. It protects your family from sin, and all believers in Islam will be protected from evil on day of resurrection.
    It is given by alms based on wealth. It is given to achieve purification and growth. It is GIVEN TO ANOTHER PERSON, NOTE PERSON, not the mosque, to ease the economic hardship of others and create economic equality. You will achieve a DIVINE REWARD when you give this money to another family. Rules – 1. Declare intention “Jihad” 2. PAID ON DATE DUE. 3. Benefits community .
    If you look at this closely…and if USA would watch for a “SUDDEN” direct deposit drop of huge amount of money Into the checking accounts of Muslims, it would point to a SUDDEN SUICIDE KILLING” on the horizon.
    Every Muslim is commanded to obey and take all 5 pillars in Qur’an.
    It all fits. They need to watch the huge deposit around $25,000 into the family account. You will see a KILLING in relation to this 3rd pillar within the week of the deposit.

  • aka Glory

    The ONLY ONE BIG difference in the Hinduism and Islamism, the Hindus preserve life of humans, animals and bugs and do NOT kill others in senseless murders as Islamic Muslims. The devout Hindus oppose Christian worship to Jesus but I don’t know of deliberate murders. Mother Theresa was honored in India.
    Whereas, in the Qur’an and in the Jesuits Catholic Extreme Oath, both are commanded to kill and murder Jews and Fundamentalist Christians. I have a newspaper clipping from 1980, Pope vowed to remove all Fundamentalist Christians> hence fulfilment of white horse, the Antichrist of Revelation. The red horse of blood is Muslims. The Catholic Crusaders murdered Jews and Fundamentalist Christians. Hence, Holland Pilgrims and Anabaptists went to USA on Mayflower to escape BOTH.
    I have already been confronted by Catholics, mother Superior, and more for my faith in.Jesus and Book of ACTS.

    • carrierwave

      Surprised you didn’t find a “tongues” connection to all this?

      • aka Glory

        Carrierwave: I had to laugh cause while I was reading Geoffrey’s excellent insight and article, (G. don’t stop posting), and typing what I learned this week, well, don’t scream with laughter everyone…at the very same time, on my tv was Jimmy Swaggert telling the audience about getting the holy ghost “with Speaking in unknown TONGUES on TV. Then he had the entire audience that never had that blessing yet from God, he explained the book of Acts upper room experience, told them to come down to the altar and get it now, everyone needs it he said. I thought of all you people on this website, when they were all getting filled with the HOLY GHOST and Jimmy Swaggert was speaking in unknown TONGUES on TV. Right then. I was chuckling inside while typing about the evil jihad, while the audience was speaking in unknown TONGUES as the Spirit gave the utterance. He also said not to worry about interpretation like I told everyone. It was a quirk that happened at the same time I was writing to this site. Wasn’t going to say anything, but you did make me laugh. Love you all. Waiting for someone to let me know when they get that “Extra gift” from God.

  • Faye

    The article received in the e-mail is misleading, as the Dec. 21, 2014 date for the French incident is not stated. Not until I clicked to read the other article did I learn that the incidents happened a year apart. Please be specific in the original article received through one’s e-mail—- even though you give a reference. Sometimes I read only the original e-mail article. Please be forthright in that material. I enjoy reading your material. Blessings.

  • Kaya

    Just FYI… She had legally changed her name to Paris Paradise Morton — Paris Casino Hotel, Paradise is the name of the area she attacked (look at google maps), Morton’s steakhouse is down the street. She also had posted a photo on her Facebook page in 2012 of the exact location she later attacked, looking at the corner of the Paris Casino from across the street. This was clearly premeditated and planned a long time in advance. I cannot believe nobody points this out or mentions any of this on any news media.. Probably partially a cover up to not panic the public.

  • she changed her name to Paris and slammed into people in front of Paris Paris hotel and remember the killing in Paris recently. Hmmmmm…..coincidence? Hardly think so!


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