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Geoffrey Grider
Editor-in-chief and founder of Now The End Begins.

Geoffrey started NOW THE END BEGINS on December 15, 2009, as a global aggregate news site showing the seriousness of the times in which we live. Since then, the site has grown to include cutting-edge original reporting on topics that mean the most to our readers.

Geoffrey alsio hosts a twice-weekly KJV bible study and end times prophecy radio program called THE WISE SHALL UNDERSTAND on Blog Talk Radio.

Health & Wellness Editor

Stephanie Buist
NTEB Health & Wellness Editor

Stephanie Buist is a Naturopathic Practitioner and Health Coach. She is a 14 year thyroid cancer survivor who healed naturally after 3 failed radiation treatments. She owns a thriving practice dedicated to assisting clients with various thyroid conditions by educating them on the ways they can make changes to their diet and lifestyle to help their body to heal.

She is the owner of a Yahoo Group and Facebook group where she teaches the iodine protocol. This was the protocol that was instrumental in her healing. Lastly, she is a believer in Jesus Christ and wishes to share abundant health by walking in God's ways.

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John Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute

The Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit civil liberties organization based in Charlottesville, Va., is deeply committed to protecting the constitutional freedoms of every American and the integral human rights of all people through its extensive legal and educational programs. The Institute provides its legal services at no charge to those whose constitutional and human rights have been threatened or violated.

Erick Stakelbeck
Erick Stakelbeck

Erick Stakelbeck
Since 2005, Stakelbeck has been a regular correspondent and terrorism analyst for CBN News. He covers the global war on terror, U.S. national security, the Middle East and the growth of radical Islam at home and abroad for the network’s Washington, D.C. bureau.

From 2003 to 2005, Stakelbeck worked as a senior writer and analyst at the Investigative Project on Terrorism, a counterterrorism think tank founded by terrorism expert Steven Emerson. His articles on Islamic extremism, global terrorism and national security appeared in the Wall Street Journal Europe, Weekly Standard, Washington Times, New York Post, Jerusalem Post, and National Review Online, among other publications.

Dr. Jim Garrow
Dr. Jim Garrow

Dr. Jim Garrow
2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrow has shockingly claimed that he was told by a top US military advisor that the Obama administration's "litmus test" for new military leaders is whether or not they will obey an order to fire on US citizens.

Garrow was nominated three years ago for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize and is the founder of The Pink Pagoda Girls, an organization dedicated to rescuing baby girls from “gendercide” in China. Garrow has been personally involved in “helping rescue more than 36,000 Chinese baby girls from death.”

Jonathan Cahn The Harbinger
Jonathan Cahn
Jonathan Cahn is author of the best-selling book "The Harbinger", and a guest on our radio program. Click the 'read more" button to hear our exclusive interview with him on bible prophecy and America.

Dr. Sam Gipp
Dr. Gipp is a former pastor, an evangelist, teacher, author and Bible conference speaker. He has the unique ability to digest large amounts of information and then present it in an analytical, understandable, format. His humerous, informative and forceful preaching style make him popular with all ages and keeps him in demand as a Revivalist and Bible conference speaker. Brother Gipp was apart of a panel of defenders of the King James Bible on the "John Ankerberg Show." Also, his life's story was featured on the national radio program, "Unshackled."

Debbie Schlussel
As both an attorney and a frequent New York Post and Jerusalem Post columnist, Schlussel's writings/commentary on radical Islam and her legal actions against radical Islamic parties have gotten a great deal of attention - and results. She's written in the New York Post and made appearances on Fox's "The O'Reilly Factor"

Schlussel's unique expertise on radical Islam/Islamic terrorism and a host of other issues make her a popular speaker and television and radio news talk show guest, both nationally & internationally. (Her online fan club is the Internet's second largest for a political personality - behind only Ann Coulter. She is a University of Michigan graduate and holds both Law and MBA degrees from the University of Wisconsin.

Katie Benson
Katie Benson goes into some of the darkest places the world has known to actively fight against modern day slavery and exploitation toward women, children and even men. Going to Cambodia, Thailand, India and finishing up on United States soil in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The Betrayal of America

For generations the Bible has warned of
the coming End of Days, and you are now living in that time.

The frightening events in the world financial markets, as governments prepare the people to receive the coming New World Order, foretells the coming undoing of America by her own elected officials.

America, a nation raised up by the Hand of God to spread the Gospel and to be a beacon of Freedom for people around the world is about to be forever silenced by those sworn to protect her - her leaders.

America is not mentioned in bible prophecy, even though nearly every major world player or power on the scene today is.

So it begs the question - where did She
disappear to?

Novus Ordo Seclorum

The New World Order, long shrouded in secrecy and closed-door meetings, tipped thier hand in 1989, when then-President George Bush Sr. said this:

"We have before us the opportunity to
forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order, a world where the rule of law, not the rule of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.'s founders"

But he was not alone in proclaiming the
dawn of the NWO. Adolf Hitler had said roughly the same thing in WWII

"National Socialism will use its own revolution for establishing of a new world order."

David Rockefeller, long accused of being a shill for the NWO, in his memior finally tired of the facade and admitted what he had been accused of for many decades, when
he said this about his familys involvement in the NWO:

"Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud
of it."

And in 2008, with the election of President Barack Hussein Obama, Henry Kissinger said that Obama would bring about the long desired New World Order:

"I think that his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period, when really a 'New World Order' can be created. It's a great opportunity. It isn't such a crisis... "

No longer is the New World Order the realm of "conspiracy theorists" frantically writing stories of government takeovers from a basement somewhere. No, the NWO is now
shouted loudly from the rooftops by every leading government and political figure in newscasts 24 hours a day.


It is real. It is coming.

They will promise peace, but deliver war.

They will promise freedom, but deliver chains.

They will promise Messiah, but deliver the
Antichrist instead.

They will force you to take the Mark of the
Beast, or die.

This is the New World Order they bring.

"For when they say, 'Peace and safety!'
then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape." 1 Thessalonians 5:3

The End Times Pretribulation Rapture

The Rapture will be the most startling event of this Age and Dispensation. As it is to occur in the twinkling of an eye and all over the earth at the same time, that part of the world that is not asleep will witness the event. As to the "Shout of the Lord, " the "Voice of the Archangel, " and the "Trump of God" we do not know whether their sound will be heard and distinguished by others than the "dead in Christ" and the "living saints." We know that one day the Father spoke to Christ in a voice that He understood, but the people who stood by mistook it for "thunder."

The End Times Pretribulation Rapture

When the Lord appeared to Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus and spoke to him, the men that journeyed with him stood speechless, "hearing a voice, " but seeing no man, and not understanding what was said.

We know, however, that the dead in Christ will hear the sound, for it will be "intensely penetrating. There will be no graves so deep, no catacombs so rock covered, no pyramids or mausoleums so thick, but what the sound shall reach their depths and the "dead in Christ" shall hear the cry awake ye sleeping saints and arise from the dead, it is MORNING, the morning of the FIRST RESURRECTION."

(Quoted from Clarence Larkin's great book
Dispensational Truth)

The Rapture, which the Bible says will occur
right before the End of Days, or the Last Times, is very close to happening, even as you read this.

End Times Bible prophecy is very clear. Read Matthew 24, and hear in the words of Jesus the things that must occur at the End Days, during the Tribulation.

End Days, the Last Time, the Time of Jacob's Trouble, the Great Tribulation, these are all different names and terms for the same period of history, in which we now find ourselves.

NTEB exists to bring you the very latest developments in the world of end times bible prophecy. Is this truly the end times spoken of in the bible?

Read the bible, read the news, and you tell me how close we are to the end times.

The Rapture & the Second Coming Are Two Seperate and Distinct Events

The Bible describes two separate and distinct future events, both of which are often described as the Second Coming. The first event is what Bible scholars call the Rapture. In 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, the apostle Paul writes that "the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord."

In this passage, Paul is describing an event in which Jesus Christ will not physically, literally touch down on the earth but will first come "in the clouds" and snatch away His true followers from the earth in an instant of time. Those who have not chosen to follow Christ, those who have not been born again, will remain behind on the earth and will have to go through a terrible time of wars, famines, natural disasters, and divine judgments known as the Tribulation.

Click image to read newspaper

The second event occurs at the end of the Tribulation. This is when the Bible teaches that Jesus will physically, literally return to earth, destroy His enemies, and set up His own righteous government based in Jerusalem. He will reign on earth for one thousand years. In Revelation 19:11-20:6, the apostle John writes, "I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war. His eyes are a flame of fire, and on His head are many diadems; and He has a name written on Him which no one knows except Himself.

He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God...
He will rule [the nations]...And he laid hold
of the dragon, the serpent of old, who is
the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, and he threw him into the abyss... And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God...and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years... Blessed and holy is the one who has a part in the first resurrection...They will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with Him for a thousand years." Joel Rosenberg


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Presbyterian Church And Arab Palestinian Group Rewriting The Bible To Remove References To Israel


Any mention of Israel - gone. Any mention of Jesus being a Jew - gone. The movement which has brought the world a NEW bible, is called Palestinian Liberation Theology. At its heart is hatred for the Jewish people and for Israel. Of course, keeping in line with this hatred, the leaders of this satanic movement have changed Jesus (Yeshua) from being Jewish to being a Palestinian Arab.


The Palestinian and Sabeel Liberation Theology groups have partnered with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) as their main support for this satanic doctrine. And no wonder, the Presbyterian Church in recent years has become rabidly anti-Israel and ferociously pro-LGBT. The name of "Israel" occurs 2566 times in 2,294 verses in the KJV.

Click here to read more..

Duke University Starts Forced Amplified Broadcasts Of The Muslim Call To Prayer From Bell Tower


The Islamization of America continues, as it has since Obama was elected in 2008, at a frightening pace. Public amplified broadcasts of the Muslim call to prayer exists in Muslim majority countries, and is a symbol that they have taken that nation over. If I had a child attending Duke University they would pulled out so fast it would make your head spin.


Members of the Duke Muslim Students Association will chant the call, known as adhan or azan, from the Duke Chapel bell tower each Friday at 1 p.m. The call to prayer will last about three minutes and be “moderately amplified,” officials said in a statement Tuesday.

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The New Age Spiritual Dangers Lurking In Rick Warren's Daniel Plan Deception


I have deep concerns about this fast for Christians. My biggest concern is that Pastor Rick Warren worked with a group of new age doctors to put together this program. The who's who of wolves seeking to devour the Christian church.  These men are not believers. They should not be championed within the church.


Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Daniel Aman and Dr Mehmet Oz  where the key contributors to the Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life.  But these three doctors are part of the new age movement

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The Shocking Missing Word That Joel Osteen Has Almost Never Tweeted


Joel Osteen is the pastor of the largest church in AmericaLakewood Church in Houston, Texas. His form and likeness appear on magazine covers at the supermarkets, on best-selling books, on board games, and on nearly every talk and interview show on television. He is very active on social media, especially on Twitter where he has logged over 12,000 tweets to over 3 million followers.


So just for fun tonight, I paid a visit to his Twitter account and read through every text for the past year. His most recent text was today, and his oldest, visible text was posted on November 25th, 2013. As I scrolled through his tweets, I made some shocking discoveries for the man referred to as "America's Pastor".

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The Allah Of The Quran And The God Of Bible Are Not The Same


Let's look at the God of the Bible and Allah. It's important for us to be able to explain the truth to others, when so many are being deceived. First of all, our God is a Triune God. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 


The worst sin a Muslim can commit is called Shirk. Shirk is the belief that God has a Son. It is the unforgivable sin in Islam.

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Christian Yoga: Bringing The Kundalini Serpent Into The Church


A Christian who studies the Word of God, should instantly see red flags and discern that Yoga and Christianity are not compatible. We see in the definition “Yoga is the physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines that aim to transform body and mind.” What does God say about transforming our minds?


Immediately we see a problem between transforming our minds in Yoga, and being transformed by the renewing of our minds according to the Word of God. As Christians, God wants our minds to be renewed, so we will be able to know His will for us. God wants us to be closer to Him. He speaks to us through His Word. He is our perfect Father.

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Is Your Church Secretly Indoctrinating You To Accept Chrislam?


Perhaps you have been told or taught that the name Allah is simply another name for God, and that Muslims and Christians and Jews all worship the same God no matter what we choose to call Him. That is absolutely false, and it is one of the platform tenants of Chrislam. 


 The Koran clearly teaches that Allah HAS NO SON, and for that reason alone Allah cannot be the God of the Bible because the God of Abraham has an "only begotten Son".

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How Far Would You Go To Save Someone's Life?


Kristin Leigh Magdalein, by all accounts, was a vivacious whirlwind of activity whom once met you never, ever forgot. Complete strangers have told me in conversations that Kristin was the "happiest person they ever met" in their life. Boy, wouldn't you like that to be said of me or you? She lived to the ripe, old age of 19 before the night came where, on an intercoastal bridge, she stepped one foot out of her truck and the other on to streets of gold. Gone...just like that.


If that's all there was to the story, it would be sweet, and sad, and hopelessly short. At that moment she was more alive than she ever had been. Safe in the arms of Jesus Christ. But the story doesn't end there. 

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11-Year Old Christian Girl Baffles Islamic Scholar With One Simple Question


An 11-year old Arab Christian girl was listening to an Islamic scholar preach about Allah. When he was done, the little girl approached him and said this - "show me where in the Koran that Allah loves me as the sinner that I am, and I will become a Muslim." The dumbstruck man was silent for a long time, and then walked away. He had no answer to give her. Why?


God will save anyone who calls on Him whether they be Muslim, the Arab Catholic girl in this photo, a Buddhist, Hindu, or even an Atheist. He will even save you.

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Pope Francis Tells Followers 'Don't Try To Convert' Lost People


Pope Francis, in an interview with Argentine magazine "Viva" recently, gave his Top 10 suggestions on how people could have a "happier and more fulfilled life". Two of his pieces of advice bear closer examination.


Synonyms for "proselytize" - evangelize, convert, save, redeem, win over, act as a missionary, advocate. Now why do you think that the Pope would be against believers doing any of those things? I thought those things were commands in the bible to the believer to go out and win the lost.

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Joel Osteen Facebook Post Reveals Horrific Lack Of Knowledge Of Scripture

A Monday post to his verified Facebook page, Joel Osteen ministries, read: “God said in Numbers 11:23, ‘Moses, is there any limit to My power?’ He was saying, ‘Moses, you saw Me part the Red Sea, stop the sun for Joshua, keep three Hebrew teenagers safe in a fiery furnace, don’t you realize that I can bring water without rain?’ There’s no limit to God’s power.”


There’s just one problem: According to the Bible, Moses was dead before Joshua asked God to stop the setting of the sun, and long before the three Hebrew youths were thrown into the furnace.

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12 Shocking Proofs That Disaster Strikes America When It Mistreats Israel

1991 31 October –The Perfect Storm: A very rare huge storm starting in the north Atlantic, moving east to west This storm was so unusual and contrary to “mother nature” it was immortalized by the book The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger and later a popular movie.

Interestingly, one of the first places The Perfect Storm hit was Kennebunkport, Maine. Waves over 30 foot demolished the home of guess who – President George H. Bush, the instigator of the Oslo Accord.

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Berlin To Build Very First Temple Of Chrislam For One World Religion


Today's bombshell is the natural next-step in the evolution of the One World Religion - a temple to call their very own. And where better to build that abomination than in the city that is most famous for introducing the world to Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust but in Berlin, Germany.


They are calling it the House of One, and it is just that. The world's 3 major religions under one roof where they will, at first, worship in separate compartments within the the complex, but then all come together to find that oh-so-elusive "common ground" that Rick Warren is such a fan of. If no one ever told you the secret to boiling a live frog in a pan of water without it first jumping out, go look it up. There is much wisdom there.

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40 Mind-Blowing Quotes From Barack Hussein Obama On Islam And Christianity


In his own words: Here are 20 quotes he has made about Islam, and 20 quotes he has made about Christianity. Nothing edited or mashed up, just exactly in the context he originally spoke them in with fully-sourced links so you can see where they come from.

40 Mind-Blowing Quotes From Barack Hussein Obama On Islam And Christianity

If after reading this, you still think he is not a Muslim, then there is something organically wrong with your ability to reason and understand simple words written on the level of 6th grade English. You may remain ignorant, but it will be willingly so.

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WARNING: Flu Shot Drug Pandemrix Will Destroy Your Life


Better Living. Just imagine…instead of being inconvenienced with the flu for a few days, you can become a victim of narcolepsy and be unable to function for the rest of your life. And the best part? Look at the end of the article where is says that the CDC recommends giving this poison to babies as young as six months old.

Step right up and gets yours today!

WARNING: Flu Shot Drug Pandemrix Will Destroy Your Life

“She has gone from being a bright, outgoing girl to one who cannot go out on her own,” Rebecca Glasson, Chloe’s mother, told News Limited. “She doesn’t doze for more than a couple of hours at a time, but she can have disturbing dreams.”

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The Meaning Of The Word Selah In The Bible


For starters, Selah is an actual, literal place that still exists to this day. We read about the geographic location of Selah in 2 Kings 14: "He slew of Edom in the valley of salt ten thousand, and took Selah by war, and called the name of it Joktheel unto this day. " 2 Kings 14:7

So we see that the believing Jews will be flown into a pre-prepared place in the wilderness for a 'time, times and half a time', or three and one-half years as foretold by the prophet Daniel. We believe that in this red rock city of Selah Petra is where God will hide the Jews while the Antichrist installs himself in the rebuilt Temple as if he was very God himself.

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Faith, Works and the Judgment Seat of Christ

"For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the thingsdone in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men;" 2 Corinthians 5:10,11a

The Judgement Seat Of Christ

Christian, one day either by your death or by Rapture, YOU will stand before the Lord Jesus Christ at the Judgment Seat. YOUR works for Him will be tried in the fire. YOU will receive rewards based on whichever of YOUR works make it through the fire. If TODAY was your last day on earth, are you ready to meet Jesus and test your works? It is our fervent hope and prayer that this article will help you to do just that.

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The Eternal Security Of The Believer

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gavethem me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand. I and myFather are one. " John 10:27-30

The Eternal Security Of The Believer

In Christian circles, the topic of eternal security is a hotly-debated subject. But we are not so much interested in man's opinion as we are in what the bible has to say about Eternal Security. So any sincere treatise on eternal security must first start with a look at salvation, and how it is accomplished.

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Supercharge Your Health God's Way!

The good doctor. Dr. Norman W. Walker is recognized throughout the world as one of the most authoritative students of life, health and nutrition. For almost 70 years, Dr. Walker has researched man's ability to live a longer, healthier life. He was his own example of achieving vibrant health through proper thought, diet and body care.

The books written by Dr. Walker have more than stood the test of time, they are the standard from which modern doctors today continue to draw from.

The books written by Dr. Walker have been printed every year since the mid thirties. Over the decades these books have been in print, other researchers have confirmed Dr. Walkers findings, never has any of his findings been proven wrong. Well past his 100th birthday, Dr. Walker was growing his own produce in the blistering heat of Arizona and still doing research on food chemistry and it's effect on the human body.

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The Awful Reality Of Hell
You Don't Have To Go There


Let me tell you, dear reader, that Hell is assuredly a real place that burns forever, and ever, and ever. The bible warns the reader - you - on page after page and in book after book, to NOT go there, that you don't have to go there.

You see, Hell was not created for you, a human being, it was created for the Devil and his angels who rebelled. In this article, I will endeavor to show you through video, audio and the written word, how you can avoid the fate that is waiting for the Devil and his followers.

Let me also tell you this - It's LOVE that constrains us to tell people they are lost and headed for Hell if they don't know Jesus Christ, not hate. Hate says nothing. You can quote me on that.
Click here to read about the awful reality of Hell...

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