Entire City And All Residents Of New York Under Permanent 24/7 Surveillance

Domain Awareness System is a joint venture between city and Microsoft. Commissioner Ray Kelly says system is able to access information through live video feeds and allow cops to...
NYPD's new super computer system is a joint venture between the city and Microsoft. The system uses data from a network of cameras and allows cops to access information from living video feeds.

NYPD unveils new $40 million super computer system that uses data from network of cameras, license plate readers and crime reports

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Domain Awareness System is a joint venture between city and Microsoft. Commissioner Ray Kelly says system is able to access information through live video feeds and allow cops to get reading on radioactive substances

NYPD’s new super computer system is a joint venture between the city and Microsoft. The system uses data from a network of cameras and allows cops to access information from living video feeds.

The NYPD is starting to look like a flashy, forensic crime TV show thanks to a new super computer system unveiled Wednesday near Wall St.

The Domain Awareness System designed by the NYPD and Microsoft Corp. uses data from a network of cameras, radiation detectors, license plate readers and crime reports, officials said.

“We’re not your mom and pop police department anymore,” Mayor Bloomberg crowed. “We are in the next century. We are leading the pack.”

The system, which cost somewhere between $30 and $40 million to develop, could also help pay for itself with the city expecting to earn 30% of the profits on Microsoft sales to other city’s and countries, Bloomberg said.

The joint venture began when the NYPD approached Microsoft about the effort, officials said. Cops were involved with the programmers throughout the process, earning the city its cut of the proceeds.

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Officials declined to predict how much the city’s share of the system could be worth.

“For years, we’ve been stovepiped as far as databases are concerned,” NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. “Now, everything that we have about an incident, an event, an individual comes together on that workbench, so it’s one-stop shopping for investigators.”

As we predicted, it is no longer just the terrorists that are being watched closely…it’s everyone.

Using the new system, investigators will be able to access information through live video feeds and could potentially see who left a suspicious package behind just moments later, Kelly said.

The system will also allow cops to get a reading on radioactive substances, and determine if it is naturally occurring, some kind of weapon or a harmless isotope used in medical treatments.

“We can track where a car associated with a murder suspect is currently located and where it’s been over the past several days, weeks or months,” Kelly said. “This is a system developed by police officers for police officers.”

The system will also check license plate numbers to a watch list and alert investigators if a match is detected and quickly pull up crime reports, arrests and warrants on a suspect.

The system has some civil liberties advocates warning of Big Brother type surveillance.

“We fully support the police using technology to combat crime and terrorism, but law-abiding New Yorkers should not end up in a police database every time they walk their dog, go to the doctor, or drive around Manhattan,” said New York Civil Liberties Union Associate Legal Director Chris Dunn. source – NY Daily News


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  • NY City wants everyone to know that they are on the lookout for terrorists, because of 911. Soon to follow, in the interests of public safety, of course, is the insertion of an RFID device in the hand or forehead. Cutting edge, coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

  • NY City wants everybody to know how super-duper they are on the lookout for terrorists, as well as regulating how much sweet soda one may consume. All this for the health and safety of NY City residents. My, aren’t they lucky. Next will be the insertion of a teeny tiny RFID chip in the hand, or the forehead identification and transactions. Imagine the convenience. Cutting edge technology, coming soon to a neighborhood near you!!

  • The lord says evil has come to new york and the people of new york city have failed to stop it,so now the lord will allow the russians to vaporize the city to destroy evil, I personaly have never met anyone from new york city who weren’t criminals anyway,so it stands to reason the people have so many problems,I mean look at their leaders,nothing but traitors and criminals,and the NYPD are very likely the worst police in america,ALL traitors and criminals,what you sow is what you reap…………………

  • A few years back, The Today Show had a family on that had chips inserted in the back of their hands. These chips supposedly only carried medical and identification information in the event something happened and they couldn’t speak for themselves.

    Everyone on the show thought it was such a wonderful thing because it also had a location signal built in, in case one of them was kidnapped or lost. While it does sound like a life-saving device, and with child abduction on the rise, what parent wouldn’t go to any extreme to protect their child?

    Many years ago, the state of California had discussed implanting parolees with a tracking chip in their hands. The idea was that in the event a parolee left the state, or committed another crime, it would be easy to find them. Also sounds like a great idea, what with the crime we see nationwide every single day.

    Then, either Colorado or Montana, (I forget which one), said they were going to start putting chips in the backs of the hands of welfare and food stamps recipients in order to keep them from selling or trading for drugs. Again, sounds great, it’s going to reduce the cost to the state, and reduce the drug problem (?).

    Finally, I heard talk about hospitals being mandated to insert chips in the heels of newborn infants, supposedly to track them in case Nurse Ratchet decides to take one for her very own. Plus, it would have vital info about the baby and its parents.

    And now NYC has succeeded in becoming an actual version of the TV show, “Person of Interest,” with Jim Caviezel.

    One day someone will decide everyone needs one, and it will sound like a good idea. Your paycheck will on it, no one can steal from you; your credit rating, your medical info, your dental records, drivers license, social security number, loans, credit cards, everything about you will be on that chip. There won’t be anymore ID theft. You will always know where your kids are, or for that matter, your spouse!

    It will be made to sound like the greatest idea on the planet, and millions will go for it. Then we will be a cashless society and those without that chip, won’t be able to work because that’s the only way to get paid. Then they won’t be able to buy food because your check card has been replaced with the chip.

    “He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.” Rev. 22:20

  • monroee22877

    They should put this system to use for the banksters and the elite so the people can see them 24/7

    • Oh, they’ll have it, alright. And with VIP treatment too!

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  • nothing wrong with surveillance… if you are a good guy.

  • It is not a supercomputer, is a drain on the public money, it is for the DARPA total awareness net of the NWDisO, and all for nothing, since New York has been witnessed in the spirit to be destroyed in one day.

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