Ahmadinejad Threatens That ‘Israel Will Soon Be Destroyed’

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told an annual anti-Israel protest in Tehran on Friday that the Jewish state was a "cancerous tumour" that will soon be excised, drawing Western rebukes....
"If they make a mistake, our nation's reaction will lead to the end of the Zionist regime," he said.

“Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.” Psalm 129:5

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told an annual anti-Israel protest in Tehran on Friday that the Jewish state was a “cancerous tumour” that will soon be excised, drawing Western rebukes.

“If they make a mistake, our nation’s reaction will lead to the end of the Zionist regime,” he said.

Washington said Ahmadinejad’s statements were “reprehensible”, while Paris viewed them as “outrageous.” Ahmadinejad’s diatribe against Israel in his Quds (Jerusalem) Day address was the latest in a long line to have drawn criticism from Western governments.

“The Zionist regime and the Zionists are a cancerous tumour,” he said.

“The nations of the region will soon finish off the usurper Zionists in the Palestinian land…. A new Middle East will definitely be formed. With the grace of God and help of the nations, in the new Middle East there will be no trace of the Americans and Zionists,” he said.

The diatribe took place amid heightened tensions between Israel and Iran over Tehran’s controversial nuclear programme. The Jewish state has in recent weeks intensified its threats to possibly bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities to prevent it having the capability to produce atomic weapons.

Iran, which is suffering under severe Western sanctions, denies its nuclear programme is anything but peaceful. Its military has warned it will destroy Israel if it attacks.

“They (the Israelis) know very well they don’t have the ability” to successfully attack Iran, foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency.

“If they make a mistake, our nation’s reaction will lead to the end of the Zionist regime,” he said.

State television showed crowds marching under blazing sunshine in Tehran and other Iranian cities to mark Quds Days, an annual commemoration launched by the founder of the Islamic republic, the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, just after the 1979 revolution that brought him to power.

Demonstrators held up Palestinian flags and pictures of Khomeini’s successor as Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and banners reading “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.”

The head of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards, General Mohammad Ali Jafari, told the Fars news agency as he attended the Tehran rally that “the Iranian nation has always been at the forefront of the (regional anti-Israeli) resistance in showing its animosity with Israel.”

He added that Iran intended to maintain that virulent stance.

Ahmadinejad, in his speech, claimed that “Zionists” triggered World Wars I and II, and had “taken control over world affairs since the moment they became dominant over the US government.”

US National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor told AFP that Ahmadinejad’s comments were “hateful and divisive.”

“We strongly condemn the latest series of offensive and reprehensible comments by senior Iranian officials that are aimed at Israel,” Vietor said.

“The entire international community should condemn this hateful and divisive rhetoric.”

French deputy foreign ministry spokesman Vincent Floreani hit out at the “latest provocations” from the Iranian president.

“We firmly condemn these outrageous and totally unacceptable statements and we remind (Iran) that we would never allow the right of Israel to live in peace to be called into question,” he said.

Ahmadinejad’s past broadsides against the Jewish state, and his denial that the Holocaust occurred, have earned him opprobrium from Western and other nations, and walkouts during his addresses to the UN General Assembly.

Israel has been employing its own invective against Iran and its leaders, invoking the image of Hitler and the Nazis on the eve of World War II and accusing Tehran of being bent on Israeli genocide. source – Yahoo News

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  • I watched a CH 13 Charlie Rose interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wherein he was confronted with the question of his rhetoric in regard to wiping Israel off the map. His explanation was that he is talking of wiping the State of Israel off the map, not its people. In essence, he explained that the UN created Israel as a state because of the Holocaust. He said that the Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust, so why should they be displaced and suffer for something that they have not done to the Jews? He said why not create a state for the Jews in Germany? It is Germany that was responsible for the Holocaust not Palestine.

    • Hey jackboot…It just like all islamists to hide behind woman, children and folks like you. Get your facts right!!! I-mack- the-nut-job, is a Jew, turned islamist pos. Look at his mother’s surname from his passport picture while holding it up for his candid monkey-boy shot!


      Your depth of thought is likened to a thirty second beer commercial on a football Sunday afternoon. You buy into the cultural lie. There are no such thing as palestinians. They are decendents of Esau they are Edomites; orginally make up the jordanians, sauds, syrians, etc.. Charlie Rose…pshaw!!! Is that all you got? Now they are islamists pos, who trail after a moon god called allah; the chief pagan idol of three hundred pagan idols who were destroyed by the pedophile mo-ham-ed, whose krack corn kuran is nothing but a manifesto from a hophead!
      Go troll someplace else!!! With your knowledge of…well nothing.

  • I think Israel needs to take care of Iran right now. Those countries that hate Israel will never leave Israel alone. Its so sad because we KNOW Israel is a peaceful nation, but its written in the Holy Bible about all this so I guess its inevitable!! MAY GOD BLESS US ALL IN JESUS WONDERFUL NAME AMEN!!

    • Here u go closing your comment with Jesus’ name but at the same time promoting war. It is written that to not have a forked tongue. Why not promote PEACE.

  • I think Israel needs to take care of Iran right now. Those countries that hate Israel will never leave Israel alone. Its so sad because we KNOW Israel is a peaceful nation, but its written in the Holy Bible about all this so I guess its inevitable!! MAY GOD BLESS US ALL IN JESUS WONDERFUL NAME AMEN!!

    Jill Hasselbach Villalba

    • By the way you say that Israel is a peaceful nation. Are u sleeping. Read the Old Testament and count the number of times the words wars, killings, slaughters etc pop up. The inhabitants of Jericho were genocided by the Children of Israel. Now the same is openly expressly desired by some Jews in regard to the Palestinians. Blood already has been shed on both sides. The Palestinians have been forcefully removed from their land at gun point and some killed in the process. Prime Minister Rabin admitted this in his memoirs. He said therein, that he was personally responsible for those acts. That is why he gave back some of the land to the Palestinians — before he was killed for doing that. Is that being a peaceful nation?

      • Are you anti-simetic?

        • what does this have to do with anti-Semitic? Does truth have color, creed or race?

  • Actually, Ahmadinejad had a previous UPPER LATERAL
    PHARYNGOTOMY since a child, and fortunately, the operation went well. But only, his tongue was turned upside down. so whatever he says, it means just the opposite. get it?

    • So that means that he does NOT threaten to destroy Israel!!!!I

  • @ James Cannings. Wiping out Jericho was the work of Yahweh, not the Israelites. The Israelites merely did as God instructed, and it was He who caused the walls to crumble, and it was His plan for the inhabitants to be wiped out. So unfortunately your statements are somewhat flawed, you are actually criticising Almighty God if you say that the wiping out of Jericho was wrong. If God Almighty, creator of heaven and earth instructed you to do similar, would you sit there and say, ‘Sorry, supreme being in the universe, but I think you are wrong, I have the greater intellect and I refuse to do as you ask….’ I wonder how far that would get you? Why does Palestine continue to bombard Israel? Why can’t they make the most of what they have, like every other nation on the planet?

  • It would seem that you are preoccupied with the Arab refugees of the former British Mandate of Palestine, what about the almost one million Jews forced out of the Arab lands at the time of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, we the jews of the Arab world outnumbered the Arabs of Palestine, who in reality never were the masters of the land they lived in, many of these refugees originate from all over the Arab world.
    Palestine was never ever ruled by your make belief palestinians, many of them came during the middle 1920s 30s and 40s due to better work conditions and a newly advanced health system brought on by Jews. Today the majority of the population are those jews and descendants kicked out of the Arab world.

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