5 Years Of Obama Has Decimated The American Work Force

Curious why despite the huge miss in payrolls the unemployment rate tumbled from 7.0% to 6.7%? The reason is because in December the civilian labor force did what it...

Welcome to the New Normal

Curious why despite the huge miss in payrolls the unemployment rate tumbled from 7.0% to 6.7%? The reason is because in December the civilian labor force did what it usually does in the New Normal: it dropped from 155.3 million to 154.9 million, which means the labor participation rate just dropped to a fresh 35 year low, hitting levels not seen since 1978, at 62.8% down from 63.0%. source – Zero Hedge


 And the piece de resistance: Americans not in the labor force exploded higher by 535,000 to a new all time high 91.8 million.


The jobless, laborless recovery continues to steam on.



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  • He is succeeding in his agenda.

    Who could deny that???

  • The sooner the collapse happens, the better for all of us. The other part of this is that the jobs pay lower and are part time.

  • They are trying to raise the Min. wage to over 10.00 an hour in Iowa. If that happens, inflation will go up, so how does that benefit anyone?? LOL

  • .)

  • Kristin

    i want to eat fried rats, mice, and other wild game. anyone here tried it?

    • You would have to put a scarf over my eyes and disguise it really well! Although if the Squirrels don’t leave I may eat one! lol

  • To All Who Are Working For or trying to prove by good works or holiness their Salvation:

    Day By Day By Grace
    Bob Hoekstra
    January 11, 2014

    The Inability of the Law to Sanctify
    This only I want to learn from you: Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh? (Galatians 3:2-3)

    The first question here in Galatians 3 again brings to mind issues of justification. “Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?” We received the Holy Spirit of God to dwell in our lives when we were born again, when we became children of God. This is also when the Lord declared us justified, righteous in His sight.

    How did the Spirit come to indwell us? Was it by our performance, attempting to live up to the law of God? No, it was “by the hearing of faith.” We heard the good news that Christ died for our sins. We heard the truth that Jesus could forgive us of our unrighteousness. Faith was stirred in our hearts as we considered that grand message. In simple, humble faith, we asked the Lord Jesus to come into our lives, to be our personal Savior. “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name” (John 1:12).

    The next two questions in our text apply this same biblical reasoning to sanctification. “Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh?” To think that we can advance the process of sanctification (that is, progressive transformation unto Christlikeness) by our own human resources (that is, by the flesh) is foolishness.

    What a staggering thought! Just as we could never secure justification by our own best efforts, so it is true that we can never increase personal sanctification by our own best efforts. Yes, “The just shall live by faith,” initially and continually!

  • His handlers placed him (Obama) in the oval office for this very purpose and to further weaken the social, economic moral fabric of the U.S . The U.S. military will have to remove this monster by any and all means at its disposal .

  • Before Obamination, some Harvard thinker (who may never have worked a day in his life) came up with the “Housing First” model.

    This means, people are ‘owed’ housing at taxpayer expense, even if they refuse to work! This has led to lazy lumps sitting around all day, drunk, high or whatever while engaging in any multitude of ‘pleasures.’ (didn’t I say that politely?!)

    Now you have people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s waking up in the morning, pushing themselves out of bed to get to the mailbox for yet another taxpayer handout.
    Phew!!! That’s hard work!

    “Housing First” is the H.U.D. guiding principal. Non-profits dealing with homeless and very low income people can be FINED/PENALIZED for not giving these people a home.

    This was instituted before Obamination, not sure when,
    but the Sociopath-in-Chief has seized on this for all its worth.



    • True, I cant say anything against HUD as I too purchased a house at one time thru it. It was my first house, cost 18,000.00 about 45 yrs or so ago, my hsbnd made 2.00 an hr I think then working in a laundry.

      There is no backbone to impeach. Blind leading the blind for sure and no one knows where we are going. We have an idea, but the way they turn things around, another fork in the road.

  • I live in North Dakota, and the average base salary here is over $14.00 an hour.

    I personally believe a wage is necessary this day and age when you look at the over all cost of living.

    Gas over 3 bucks a gallon, it is tough to even make a decent living on that,

    I just have a struggle with those on the entitlement Obama train, the government payout pay more and that is why in part you have the country we live in.

    • I hear you Steve. That’s a lot of money if you aren’t in the oil fields at micky ds! I mean I guess if that’s the average, that would be more than here in my area of Co, but then is that a Mgmt position or Educated am assuming too.

  • The Lord cares about every soul. He feeds the sparrows, and see them when they fall. You are worth much more than the sparrow. God loves you. Give Him a chance. What could it hurt, at the most, a little pride. You see pride is the down fall of the whole world. Pride makes you greedy. Pride is what made satan fall, it’s what made Adam and Eve fall. They wanted to be like God, instead of being obedient. Let the Lord be your Shepard and you won’t be greedy, wanting more for yourself than others. Everyone is special, we all are unique to God, He made a variety. Let love one another and respect one another. If we disagree, leave out the personal comments. Say what you feel is right, but insulting someone’s person is not Godly, especially if it’s His children. God loves His children greatly, to offend one of these is inexcusable to Him. If you don’t show love to your brethren, then how can you love God? It’s impossible! Defend the faith, but name calling is not in order. I have not called names on this site, other than clowns and a liar if you liar on me. Even the clown part I called myself, also. Saying some one believes in fairy tells isn’t name calling. It’s saying your beliefs are not true. How many times have you said that to a person? I love you all. I tell you the truth, and I’m hated for it. I think the Lord for that. I feel sorry for you that hate me! God have mercy on you. Amen!

    • Hi Ron, well I disagree I guess, fairy tails is name calling if you do not know the person. You might say that to your friend about something, but you know him or her. Liar, same thing. Why does one have to use those words anyway. A difference of an opinion should not make one a liar should it? Maybe ole woman to old. . 😉

      • When you say forked tongue, that’s name calling. When I said fairy tales it was to everyone that believes in them. I did not pick a person or comment out. But you have a right to your opinion, you should also respect mine. When someone tells lies about another’s beliefs then it goes to another level! Then one of the 10 commandment is broken, and no we are not under that law, but it does fall under the new law. I don’t care how saved you think you are. You are deceiving yourselves by doing so.

      • A liar is someone that bares false witness,, I don’t consider misunderstandings a lie.

        • I never called you a liar. That was long ago to Levi and pastor Larue, whom I also called clowns. Would you care to go look what I was called, justified by them, of course.

          • Ron I never called you a liar. When I spoke w Forked tongue I was speaking to those who post Scripture and let their opinion elevate to name calling when not agreeing w other side. You can say Liar or Clown is not that, but it is. Even if someone says that to us we should not reply. Why is that so hard to do for folks. I say the same to others. no one is justified to do it. Where is turn the other cheek applied. While I may disagree w you on Rapture I would not call you a liar or one who speaks in fairy tails. You know I don’t address this to only you it is meant for all. Didn’t HE pull us out of the Miry Clay to be the light? He did me. Thank you and Blessings to you

          • I did not say liar or clown is not that, Oh, how you twist word’s. Neither did I say you called me a liar. When you said forked tongue you gave comment number tying that person to it. That was name calling in my opinion! I call them Liars because they called me a Jew hater, not because of beliefs. I have nothing to say to you Teresa. You are getting a bad spirit about you.

          • ok Ron, whatever you say, Blessings to you and B.

  • Gump reloaded

    Job deterioration started with the bushies…. they didn’t murder the jobs over night…so you can’t restore jobs over night……even if a house was destroyed over night you couldn’t rebuild it the next day. ..thanx alot W.

    That’s all I have to say about that

  • Gump reloaded

    I’m very glad but not worried that mutt Romney didn’t sneak his Amish self into the oval office. If he did, he would have been impeached before the inauguration. With out any hesitation. The man is a brutal liar, American back stabber and Marxist Nazi.

    That’s all I have to say about that. ..now run
    For it

  • i wonder what an elephant’s farts smell like

  • Gump reloaded

    Idk what an elephant fart smells like but I hear during the McCain and palin tour of hopelessness the smell often came up right before there campaign debate hmmmm..


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